Phillies release Geoff Jenkins

The Phillies must have acquired a taste for eating contracts, because releasing Geoff Jenkins gives them an $8 million mouthful to swallow. When you combine it with the $9 million plateful of Adam Eaton's contract, the Phillies bellies should be full.

Geoff Jenkins was the big free agent signing for the Phillies a year ago, but never matched up to what the Phillies and their fans thought he would produce. After a lackluster season in 2008, when he hit just .246 with nine home runs, Jenkins simply wasn't a fit for the left-hand dominated roster that the Phillies currently have.

Jenkins was due $6.75 million for this season and a $1.25 million buyout for 2010, all of which will have to be paid by the Phillies.

The cheaper option would have been to release left-hand hitting Matt Stairs, who is owed just $1 million for this season, but the Phillies deemed him more adaptable to coming off the bench. Stairs has played that role well in his career and was the better option for that spot with the Phillies.

"Anytime you get released it's obviously a surprise," said Jenkins, who spoke with the media before exiting Clearwater. "I knew there were left-handed hitters. So it seemed like somebody would be the odd man out at some point. It's real tough. I care a lot about those guys in the clubhouse. You just deal with this like anything else and try to find a new spot."

Jenkins stressed that he enjoyed his time in Philadelphia and that he had no ill-feelings toward the organization.

Jenkins is now officially a free agent and can sign with any other team for the minimum salary, which is $400 thousand; that money would come off the amount that the Phillies owe Jenkins for the season.

Geoff Jenkins by the numbers


Milwaukee 1998-2007 212 704 .277 1234 4407 661 1221 287 22 394 1118 .347 .497
Philadelphia 2008 9 29 .246 115 293 27 72 16 0 24 68 .301 .392
TOTALS 222 733 .275 1349 4700 688 1293 303 22 418 1186 .344 .490

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