Phillies Prospect #8: Dominic Brown

When the Phillies drafted Dominic Brown, he was one of those athletic guys who figure to be a project. But now, he's developing faster than the Phillies might have thought and is less of a project.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 20th round of the 2006 Draft.
Bats: L  Throws: L
Height: 6' 5"  Weight: 204 pounds
Birth Date: September 3, 1987
2008 Team: Lakewood
Positions/Games: CF (69 G), RF (59 G), LF (1 G)
School: Redan HS (Georgia)
2008 Ranking: 16

Why Brown jumped to #8: In 2008, Dominic Brown was able to pull things together and show improvement in every part of his game, which made him a standout in the Phillies minor league system. Coming into 2008, Brown had shown some good things, but wasn't fully battle-tested and hadn't played a full season of minor league ball. Last season, Brown spent the entire season at Lakewood and flashed a lot of talent over his summer at the Jersey Shore. You have to keep in mind that not only was Brown drafted out of high school, but he was primarily a pitcher in high school and didn't focus on hitting until he reached the pros, which is never easy. When you factor that into the equation, the fact that Brown has progressed as far as he has offensively is impressive.

Category Dominic Brown South Atlantic League
AB/2B 19.30 19.59
AB/3B 148.00 156.31
AB/HR 49.33 49.40
AB/RBI 8.22 8.14
AB/R 5.77 7.30
AB/BB 6.94 11.10
AB/KO 6.17 4.42
AVG .291 .257
OBP .382 .325
SLG .417 .382
Categories with numbers in white show areas where Brown outperformed the average player in the South Atlantic League during the 2008 season. Categories with numbers in black show areas where he was below the league average.

Batting and Power: The biggest thing that Brown had to work on was drawing more walks. In his first two seasons, he averaged one walk for every 11.17 plate appearances. Last season at Lakewood, he cut that to one walk for every 8.06 plate appearances, which is a good improvement for where Brown is at in his career. He also struck out less often, putting another 1.3 plate appearances between strikeouts. Many scouts believed that Brown would hit for power, but that's one area of his game that hasn't fully progressed, but he did hit nine home runs for the BlueClaws, which is a start.

Baserunning and Speed: Brown's speed is certainly above average and now that he's getting on base more, he's able to take advantage of that speed which helped him to steal 22 bases last season. He's got good natural instincts on the bases and doesn't run himself into trouble.

Defense: Besides using his speed to get to balls in the gaps, Brown has an above average arm and had 12 outfield assists last season to go with the nine that he had in just over half-a-season in 2007. He still needs a little cleaning up on his mechanics in the outfield and takes bad routes on occasion, but thankfully, many times he can cover his mistakes with speed. He works hard on his defense and should improve on his abilities.

Projection: Brown has the skills necessary to play at any of the three outfield positions, but is likely going to spend most of his time in center field. If his power does develop, he will turn out to be the exact type of player that scouts believed he was capable of being when the Phillies drafted him. For now, the book on him is that he should be able to become an everyday major league player who will have average defensive skills and plus offensive skills, which will only be heightened if he continues to work on his plate discipline.

Comparison: Think of Doug Glanville, only with more offense.

Dominic Brown's career stats

2006 GCL 1 7 .214 34 117 13 25 3 0 13 12 30 .292 .265
2007 Clearwater 1 7 .444 3 9 2 4 1 0 0 2 0 .545 .889
2007 Williamsport 3 32 .295 74 285 43 84 11 5 14 27 49 .356 .400
2008 Lakewood 9 54 .291 114 444 77 129 23 3 22 64 72 .382 .417
TOTALS 14 100 .283 225 855 135 242 38 8 49 105 151 .363 .395

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