Another High School Outfielder in Round Three

The Phillies love to find tool-filled high school players and they found another one in the third round of the 2009 Draft. Kyrell Hudson will have to decide between going pro to play baseball or attending Oregon State to play baseball and football.

Apparently, the Phillies see something in Kyrell Hudson that a lot of teams don't. With reports that his bat won't ever become good enough for professional baseball and that he sometimes puts forth less than his best on the baseball field, Hudson seemed destined to go later than the third round where the Phillies drafted him.

For their part though, they see a bunch of potential that simply needs to be motivated and groomed.

Hudson has well above-average speed and has been able to use it most on the football field. He's been used as a running back, wide receiver, kick and punt returner and has scored from all of those positions. Those skills have Oregon State excited about the prospect of him playing football for them in the fall, but the Phillies are hoping that he chooses baseball.

One report in Baseball America noted that Hudson was "lollygagging" a groundball to short in a game that he was being scouted in this season. In fact, one team even had their GM in the stands to witness the event.

Hudson won't be an easy signing for the Phillies, but if he does choose baseball, the Phillies will have a true project on their hands. The upside is that if his potential turns into talent, they will have a plus-speed outfielder with the ability to hit for power, which some scouts believe could develop for Hudson.

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