Dugan Ready For Quick Signing - Today

Kelly Dugan seemed ready to head for Pepperdine University, but the Phillies have provided too much temptation. According to a published report, the second round pick is set to sign with the Phillies just two days after being selected.

It's likely that when Kelly Dugan signs his deal with the Phillies, not even 48 hours will have passed since the Phillies drafted him, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. It's one of the quickest signings for a highly touted Phillies draft pick in some time.

Dugan, who the Phillies scouted from early on, has been enamored with the idea of playing in the Phillies organization.

Dugan will also have the distinction of signing his deal in one of the most unusual of locations - a movie set. Dugan's father, movie director Dennis Dugan, is working on a film in Boston starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Kevin James and that's where the Phillies will go to get Dugan's signature on a contract. Sandler and James - both fans of New York teams - reportedly wore Phillies gear on Wednesday to celebrate the drafting of Dugan by the Phillies in the second round.

The Phillies were drawn to Dugan's power potential, especially considering that he's a switch-hitter. He's projected to be able to hit 20-plus home runs per season once he fully develops. At age 18, Dugan is 6' 3", 205 pounds.

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