Philly Fits The Bill For Halladay

950 ESPN in Philadelphia snagged a huge interview with AL starter Roy Halladay, who has been mentioned as a trade target for the Phillies. Jody MacDonald and Harry Mayes asked all the right questions and Halladay provided all the right answers.

Until now, all we had to go on for information about Roy Halladay and the possibility of him coming to Philadelphia was theories and scenarios. 950 ESPN in Philadelphia snagged an exclusive interview with Halladay, who is in St. Louis to start the All-Star Game tomorrow night as a member of the American League squad.

Hosts Jody MacDonald and Harry Mayes asked all the right questions and Halladay's responses were interesting.

Halladay was asked point blank whether he would waive his no-trade clause to come to Philadelphia and while he was obviously trying to walk a fine line, he sounded interested. "I haven't had a great deal of time into where I would go. Obviously, it's a phenomenal team and a team that's winning and that sort of falls in line with what I'm looking for," said Halladay.

Many players with no-trade clauses look to gain an added season or a trade bonus to waive their no-trade clause and again, Halladay was non-committal, but he continues to stress that he's at a point in his career where he wants to pitch for a winning team.

"I think that's really what it would come down to is having a chance to win," said Halladay. "It's something [a contract extension] that I haven't put a lot of thought into, but for me, I'm at a point in my career where it becomes about winning and that's really where I'm at. That's my main goal."

Throughout the interview, it was easy to tell that Halladay was choosing his words wisely and was somewhat guarded about how he would respond to questions. His thoughts on Philadelphia and the prospect of being traded to the Phillies were open enough to see that he would certainly have an interest in pitching for the Phillies.

As a final thought, Mac & Mayes asked Halladay whether he might be interested in talking with Chase Utley, Ryan Howard or any of the other Phillies who are also in St. Louis for the All-Star Game. "My plan is to go in and enjoy this experience and that always includes talking to other players," said Halladay with a slight laugh. "I look forward to meeting as many guys as I can, so you never know."

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