Brian Gump: A Noon Breakfast

Sundays are a day of rest and relaxation in the Gulf Coast League. Brian Gump and some teammates take the opportunity to sleep in a little and enjoy a leisurely day.

Well, its Sunday. So that means its our one day off for the week. This means that I get to sleep in and me and a few of the guys on the team wake up just in time to grab breakfast at our favorite place, Lenny's Diner at noon.

While eating, I made the big announcement that I have started a Blog. Much to my surprise, the guys were pretty excited about it and we came up with some features that this blog should have in order to keep it interesting, new and intimate

-Weekly spotlight on a player/coach/trainer or clubby
-Player Quote of the week
-Tales of Jakub, my 19 year old roommate from the Czech Republic
-Book suggestions (A few of the guys have rediscovered the joy of reading for fun not school and we are excited about it)
-Latin friends

If you have any suggestions on features or just specific questions, just email me:

It's off to the pool to act like I'm getting a tan.

Quote of the Day: "Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day." - Sally Koch

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