Phillies Lock Up Colvin on Deadline Day

The Phillies actually didn't have a lot of work to do on Deadline Day this year. Most of their 2009 Draft picks had already been signed and early in the day, they wrapped up the one remaining player that they were most interested in signing.

Brody Colvin knew that he had time to consider his options. That's why the right-hander waited until Deadline Day to officially choose turning pro over heading to LSU to play baseball. It didn't hurt that the Phillies also upped their offer to $900,000, going over the projected slot money for a seventh-round pick.

Whatever the reason, Colvin's signing was the biggest news that the Phillies wanted to deliver on Deadline Day, but they fell short on a couple of lesser stories. The Phillies failed to sign 14th rounder Jacob Stewart (outfielder) and 16th rounder Andrew Susac (catcher), but to have signed the first 12 players that they drafted is no small accomplishment.

Seven of their first twelve picks were all signed in June, with two others coming in July and the final three coming since August first. In all, the Phillies signed 34 of the 49 players that they drafted this past June.

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