Brian Gump: The Basics

Brian Gump takes fans inside his world with a blog here on Philly Baseball News. In fact, in this edition, he even takes fans inside his closet!

Well, today I guess I will introduce you to the place I inhabit and the place where I spend the rest of my time when I am not inhabiting the first place.

First, I'll start with my hotel room; I will be living in this La Quinta Inn hotel room for the entire summer if I do not get moved up. Upon arriving here, I was initially put up in a room by myself which was awesome but did get a little lonely. After the first week, they reshuffled the roommate situation and I was forced, for monetary reasons, to split a room in order to pay less.

The result of this was I got a quick one pulled on me by Jakub (pronounced Yak -koob) my new roommate when I initially thought he was moving to my room and he quickly informed me that we should just move into his room, I didn't really care especially because the internet signal in my former room sucked. As I walked into my new room two things quickly became evident; a slight stench, which I initially mistook as the stench of an eastern european teenager and later found out was a rotting bag of oranges under my new bed left by his old roommate, and two, my roommate definitely did not have OCD. here's a quick example...

Jakub's closet; aka the chair and table.

There is nothing glamorous about my room, it looks like any other hotel room just more clutter. So I wont post many more pictures unless something drastic changes.

The other place that I spend most of my time is our complex/field. I only have a few pictures that I quickly snapped, but I'll put some more up later.

The entrance to our exclusive boy's club.

Entrance to the big league spring training facility that we occasionally get to use. This is all connected to our clubhouse and practice facility.

My modest locker.

I try to keep my locker pretty organized. My neighbor Kelly Dugan...not so much, and I let him hear about it almost everyday. Kelly was the Phillies second round pick this year. He's a young stud, very nice kid and he's from Cali, so that's nice, too.

Well, that's all for now. I just realized this whole post may not be interesting at all, but hopefully it is. I'm just trying to build a foundation of where I am and what I see everyday, so when I write about things you can get an image of where I am talking about. I'll try to get a few pictures of the clubhouse, it's pretty nice.

Readers can send their questions and comments to Brian Gump to: and they may be used in a future blog entry.

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