Brian Gump: Workin' Out

As Brian Gump entered his "off" season, he found himself with a lot to do other than baseball. After all, he hasn't made millions, so he has to work an actual day job and fit in time for his classes and working out. So much for down time.

Well the past week has been hectic to say the least. Trying to find a place last minute, getting settled in at my job, going to classes and trying to get some quality rest between all this.

Now that the week has passed, it's all workin' out. I found a very nice apartment with my good friend Pat Rose who plays in the Rockies organization and is also back finishing his degree. That was a huge weight off of both our shoulders as it was seriously looking like we would be homeless for the entire quarter.

I have also gotten settled into a routine at my work and have started coming in an hour earlier to accommodate for the extra hour plus I will need to get my workouts in at lunchtime before my classes. After doing a week of busy work around the office, I now have a sense of direction as to what my job will really be dealing with and it's a great feeling. It's great to be put in this position where I get to act as somewhat of an interface between UCSB athletics and the beautiful community that our school is tucked away in. This really is an exciting time for our athletics here because our new Athletic Director has really kicked things into gear and we are seeing a great response from not only our students but our community members too. Our season ticket sales are through the roof and we have switched from Adidas to Nike. We have also re-branded our logo, which looks awesome, and have made some great improvements to our facilities as well. We have also launched a ton of new programs and traditions and I am happy to say that I am a major part of one of those new programs.

I am working/heading the Gauchos Give Tix program. I basically get to give away free tickets to community organizations and charities that apply. I don't mean give away a few tickets, I'm talking hundreds at a time. I feel like I'm in a pretty cool position to be able to introduce a huge number of people (both young and old) to the excitement and tradition of college sports. Today, I actually dropped some tickets off at one of our local radio stations, KJEE, and got to talk with the DJ's and producers a bit. They are doing a ticket give away for our big showdown against #11 Indiana this Friday (we are ranked #7 by the way).

On to baseball.

I worked out for the first time this offseason yesterday and it was intense. Light weight but very fast paced. It's called circuit training and I like it a lot. My next post will go far more in depth into the baseball side of my workouts and training. I have yet to pick up a bat or ball, but I am planning on getting some hitting in later this week and starting a throwing program as well. I have been trying to rest everything and let all the aches and pains heal before I really get into it, so I'm taking it slow right now, despite wanting to be out there going full bore. My calf is almost back to normal from the severe knot and swelling that it was suffering due to a ball I fouled off of it in the first round of the South Atlantic League playoffs. A few training room sessions have brought it along quickly.

Alright, well I've got to get going. I am going to do a better job of keeping this updated. I also encourage you to go check out our new website at Even if you're not a fan, which most of you probably aren't because your on the east coast, it is still an interesting and good looking site. Take a peak if your bored.

If you have any questions or comments for Brian, you can email him at: and he may answer your question in an upcoming blog.

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