Michael Taylor: Adjusting To Mexico

Michael Taylor is working his way through his first season of winter ball in Mexico. There are a lot of adjustments to be made and he's had a minor injury to overcome, too.

Hello Again.

I am starting week four in Mexico and it has most definitely been an interesting beginning. Not unlike most of my career there has been an adjustment period but I am finally beginning to feel settled in, at least personally and socially, with the goal of settling in baseball-wise soon.

That transition was retarded due to a minor injury were caution was the path the trainer and I chose. We actually have a trainer from the Phillies on staff and we worked together this year in Reading so we have a great working relationship.

A minor elbow strain has kept me out of the line-up for the past 10 days but I will return sometime this week and I am looking forward to joining a line up that is hot right now. Double digit runs and hits our past two contests have our spirits up after a prior rough week in which we lost games in almost every way imaginable.

Personally my stomach has finally adjusted to new food and a new routine as I spent a good part of my first 10 days here under the weather. Not to mention jut getting my body back into playing shape with travel and odd hours. I am continuing to learn new words and ways to communicate in Spanish. Although, I spend a lot of time feeling foolish, I am getting better by the virtue that I can not get any worse.

The games here tend to take a lot longer than games in the minors. There's a lot of ceremony and pageantry during the game and the "art" of the match-up is commonplace. We have used double-digit pitchers in a 3-2 ball game and that makes the process a bit lengthy to say the least.

Thank you all for your inquiries and I look forward to keeping you updated on my adventures in Mexico.

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