Michael Taylor: Hello Again

Michael Taylor's experience in the Mexican Winter League continues, but at least he's moved a little closer to the United States - temporarily.

I am currently in Mexicali, a stones throw from the U.S. which is nice because for a few days we get to experience some familiar comforts like Applebees.

Mexico continues to be full of new experiences and new challenges. I would like to say that I'm fully adjusted but that would be overstating my current situation. I think the biggest challenge for the foreign players here thus far has been the diet. The food choices are definitely at odds with my normal in-season eating habits which tends to keep my body in a constant state of flux.

Culturally, my Spanish continues to improve albeit at what can only be described as a snail's pace. There is much resourcefulness in many of these towns and it's really cool to see how one item made for a purpose can be so creatively transformed due to need into something else.

As far as baseball is concerned everything is going well. It's a different brand of baseball, but I feel like it can help with adapting to a new environment especially if you add in the focus the front office, the staff, the town and the native players place on the importance of winning every game. I would say every game down here is Game Seven of the world series and nothing is taken for granted.

Well, off to the ball park for another game. Thank you for reading my thoughts.

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