Reading Roster Report

The Reading Phillies made it to the Eastern League post-season, but failed to win the league title. Which of their position players could make a return appearance and which may wind up either moving up in the organization or moving out to a different organization?

UPDATE Quintin Berry - The Phillies added Berry to their 40 man roster on Tuesday. It was probably a good move, because Berry is the type of player that teams will sometimes try to stash away on a roster. With his addition to the 40 man roster, Berry is now not available in the Rule 5 Draft and will likely return to Reading to start the 2010 season, with a promotion to Lehigh Valley coming at some point in the season if the outfield there has any room.

Domonic Brown - By all accounts, Brown looks ready to start 2010 at Triple-A Lehigh Valley. It's conceivable that the Phillies might want him to get a little more seasoning at Double-A, but he shouldn't need much more time there. Keep in mind though, that with no outfield openings, there's no need to rush Brown up the ladder until he's absolutely ready for the next level.

Ozzie Chavez (minor league free agent) - If you just want an infielder who can field his position pretty well and you're not worried about his bat, Chavez is your guy. The 26 year old never figures to have a strong enough bat to play in the majors, but his versatility and decent defense give him a shot. No guarantees that the Phillies will bring the 26 year old back into the organization, but he at least fills a roster spot if you need one filled.

Freddy Galvis - Most of the 2009 season, Galvis was at Clearwater, but played 16 games with Reading. While he's behind where the Phillies hoped he would be offensively, Galvis just turned 20 years old and has time to develop enough offense to be considered a decent prospect. He hit just .197 with Reading, so it's likely he'll be back at Clearwater to start the year and work his way back to Reading at some point during the season.

Tuffy Gosewisch (Rule 5 eligible) - If the Phillies decide not to protect Gosewisch from the Rule 5 Draft, it's not very likely that they would lose him to another club. The 26 year old catching prospect needs to continue to work on handling pitchers and throwing out base stealers, but all the necessary tools are there. Odds are that he won't ever be a strong offensive catcher, but he could eventually be a decent backup. It's tough for a team to hide a catcher, although it's been done (Jesus Flores, Washington) even with young catchers who aren't ready for the majors.

The Phillies might be taking a bit of a gamble if they don't protect Gosewisch in the Rule 5 Draft this December. The catching prospect needs work, but has some bright spots in his game.

Tim Kennelly - The Phillies have another year to evaluate Kennelly before he would be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft. He had a nice season in 2009, playing at both Clearwater and Reading and playing in both left and right field, catching and at third base. He'll start the year at Reading and could potentially see some time at Lehigh Valley depending on how his season goes and where the organizational needs are. His versatility makes him an interesting player to keep an eye on for the future and if he puts up good numbers in 2010, it will be tough not to protect him next year.

Kevin Mahar (minor league free agent) - Mahar played seven games with Texas back in 2007 and could potentially get another shot at playing in the majors at some point. He hit .314 at Reading last season and the Phillies might have to decide between re-signing either Mahar or Andy Tracy, who are both minor league free agents. The Phillies have already contacted Tracy's agent about bringing him back, so Mahar could be the odd-man-out, unless he wants to spend another season at Double-A.

Neil Sellers (Rule 5 eligible) - Sellers has spent the last three seasons in Double-A ball with a combined .293 average and 43 home runs. He can play at first, second and third, so there is no reason why the Phillies shouldn't push him along to Lehigh Valley this season, provided he isn't taken in the Rule 5 Draft. And there are no guarantees that a 27 year old utility infielder with over 600 minor league games under his belt couldn't be hidden on somebody's roster.

Mike Spidale (minor league free agent) - Spidale spent the 2009 season at both Reading and Lehigh Valley, hitting .295 and stealing 17 bases between the two stops. At 27, it's time for him to make a move to an organization where they are going to guarantee him a full season at the Triple-A level to show what he can do. The Phillies have a lot of options for their minor league outfields, so it's very possible that moving on would be the best thing for Spidale.

Brian Stavisky (minor league free agent) - Considering that he's 29 and has just 55 games at the Triple-A level, Stavisky will be looking for a chance to play at the Triple-A level for a full season to show what he's capable of doing. He and Spidale both would seem to have the tools to play at Triple-A, but need to find situations where they can stick at Triple-A rather than bouncing back and forth between levels.

Steve Susdorf - Having played at Lakewood, Clearwater and Reading last season, it's nearly impossible to tell where Susdorf will wind up in 2010. He put up big numbers at Lakewood and Clearwater, but struggled at Reading, meaning that the Phillies could decide there's nothing else for him to prove at Clearwater, so they may as well let him try to adjust to Double-A pitching. No matter where he starts, it figures that Susdorf will see the majority of his season at Reading.

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