Reading Phillies Pitching Report

The Reading Phillies had a number of strong pitching prospects on their roster in 2009 and a good chunk of them could be headed to Lehigh Valley and beyond in 2010.

Tyson Brummett - The last two seasons have not been very productive for Tyson Brummett. The 25 year old right-hander has compiled a 10-22, 5.22 mark while pitching at Lakewood, Clearwater and Reading with one start at Lehigh Valley. After his first season in 2007, Brummett looked to be a strong pitching prospect, but he's wilted against better hitting. It's likely that 2010 will be his final chance at keeping a spot in the Phillies organization.

Chance Chapman - Since being drafted in 2007, Chapman has put together three impressive seasons in the Phillies organization. Last season, he pitched for both Clearwater and Reading and posted a combined 2.13 ERA in 49 games, including two as a starter. Since Chapman will be 26 when the 2010 season opens, he may be pushed along to Lehigh Valley to see if he's ready for the challenge.

Michael Cisco - Like Chapman, Cisco pitched for both Clearwater and Reading last season, but didn't enjoy the success at either level that Chapman did. Even so, Cisco's 2009 season [9-7, 3.75] was definitely a success for the 22 year old right-hander. Because he's still just 22, the Phillies will return him to Reading to help build a little more confidence before they push him along to Triple-A, which might not be until 2011.

Alex Concepcion (minor league free agent) - The Phillies will try to keep Concepcion in the organization and they may well be able to with a guarantee of starting the year at Triple-A. The 25 year old appeared in six games for Lehigh Valley last season, going 0-0 with a 3.86 ERA to show for his efforts. Odds are that he's ready to take on Triple-A hitters and the Phillies will likely start him there, if they can get him re-signed.

Kyle Drabek - There were a lot of heads being scratched last season when Drabek wasn't pushed along to Triple-A. Instead, the Phillies are taking their time with their prime pitching prospect and even shut him down late in the year because of the innings that he had logged. In 2010, they'll likely start him at Lehigh Valley, unless he were to completely blow away the competition in camp. Again though, don't figure on the Phillies being too willing to throw caution to the wind.

Sergio Escalona - For a while, Escalona practically had to ask what city he was in. He was yo-yoing back-and-forth between Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley for some time and pitched pretty well. The last time that he was sent back to the minors, he was dropped all the way to Reading so he could work on his curve and develop a little more confidence with his secondary pitches. Escalona doesn't figure to be back at Reading and will start 2010 either with Lehigh Valley or Philadelphia.

Yohan Flande was added to the 40 man roster to protect him from being taken in the Rule 5 Draft. Obviously, the Phillies are very high on the young left-hander.
(Photo: Jeff Crupper)

Yohan Flande - The Phillies added him to the 40 man roster to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft, which was a wise move. Flande struggled in his time at Reading [4-4, 4.58], but he has all the tools to be successful not only in the minors, but at the major league level with a little more work. He'll start 2010 back at Reading to improve on his stats from last summer, but he could be a candidate for a move to Triple-A later in the year.

Matt German - The 2009 season was a lost cause for the 25 year old right-hander. A strained oblique put him on the DL in May and he never returned to the mound after that. In the 15 innings that he did pitch, he compiled a 1.17 ERA with 19 strikeouts. He'll start things up again back at Reading.

Jason Mackintosh (minor league free agent) - Mackintosh missed a chunk of time last season because of a left elbow strain. When he was "healthy", his numbers weren't great, but some of that could have been from the injury. If the Phillies re-sign him, they will start him either at Clearwater or Reading.

Scott Mathieson - Patience was the word with Mathieson. Once they got him through the lower rungs of the minors to prove he was healthy, they let him settle in with Reading for the rest of the season. Looking to revamp the bullpen, Mathieson could find himself back in the majors to start 2010 and will be at Lehigh Valley if he falls short.

Patrick Overholt (Rule 5 eligible) - Overholt has spent all or part of three seasons at Double-A Reading, but curiously, when he was given a temporary promotion to Lehigh Valley, he pitched better than he had at Reading. Maybe it was the challenge of a new level, but it gives hope that Overholt isn't lost on the prospect trail. If he makes it through the Rule 5 Draft, he'll likely start 2010 at Lehigh Valley.

B.J. Rosenberg - The closest thing that the Phillies really have to a closer-in-waiting, the 24 year old right-hander was dominating at Lakewood [7-2, 0.89, 19 SV] before skipping over Clearwater and heading right for Reading during the 2009 season. He didn't keep up that pace - which you couldn't have expected - but he was impressive with the R-Phils. He'll start 2010 no lower than Reading and with a good camp, could push his way to Lehigh Valley to start the season.

Michael Schwimer - The Phillies didn't waste any time with Schwimer. After being drafted in 2008 and putting up strong numbers at Williamsport, Schwimer was skipped over Lakewood and started 2009 at Clearwater and by the end of the season was in Reading. He got hit pretty hard at Reading, but has the ability to pitch at that level and should start 2010 with the R-Phils, hoping for better results.

Michael Stutes - Like Schwimer, Stutes has been a quick mover. The Phillies bumped him from Williamsport to Lakewood in his first season and then skipped him over Clearwater to start 2009 with Reading. The numbers [8-8, 4.26] were good and Stutes showed flashes of sheer brilliance at times, especially after battling a dead arm for a stretch during the season. Depending on how the roster numbers look, Stutes should start the year at Lehigh Valley or be first or second to be promoted to the 'Pigs once the season begins.

Vance Worley - Worley was the third guy that the Phillies skipped over Clearwater, but it didn't work quite as well as it did with Schwimer and Stutes. Worley went 7-12, 5.34 with Reading, but didn't even turn 22 until just after the season ended. Reading will again be his home to start the season and he could need an entire season of work at Double-A before he's ready for the move up the ladder.

Mike Zagurski - Like Drabek, everybody was wondering when Mike Zagurski was going to be bumped up to Lehigh Valley or possibly even back to the majors. Instead, the Phillies decided to be cautious with the Tommy John survivor and leave him at Reading. He's on the major league roster and could win a spot with the big league club out of camp - especially is Scott Eyre doesn't return to the Phillies - and will start the year at Lehigh Valley if he's not with the Phils.

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