Phillies Weekend Update

With all that happens in our lives over the weekend, Philly Baseball News brings you a look at some of the free agency news and rumors involving the Phillies that you may have missed over the past couple of days.

The Phillies are looking for a utility infielder and one player they would consider is former Angels utility man Robb Quinlan, who has spent his entire career - seven seasons - with the Angels. He's a career .281 hitter, but he hasn't hit over .265 in the last three seasons.

Quinlan would be able to help the Phillies at first and third on the infield and in left and right field. He's good defensively at three of those positions, but his skills at third base have been declining.

Placido Polanco and Mark DeRosa continue to be at the top of the list for candidates to fill the vacant third base spot. Polanco, a former Phillie, hasn't played third base since he was with the Phillies back in 2005. DeRosa played 105 games at third base last season and posted a .968 fielding percentage, comfortably above the league average.

Meanwhile, former Phillies third baseman Pedro Feliz is drawing strong interest from Baltimore. The Orioles are also looking at Adrian Beltre, who at one time topped the Phillies list of candidates, but has slipped slightly over the past week or so.

And as for Roy Halladay, there's nothing new on the Phillies potential efforts to acquire the Blue Jays standout starter. The Jays did admit over the weekend that Halladay won't re-sign with them if he is allowed to hit free agency following next season, so it seems to be a sure thing that Halladay will be dealt between now and the July trade deadline, depending on when the Jays feel most comfortable about making the move.

Generally, a pitcher like Halladay could bring a nice bounty at the trade deadline, but Toronto might be better off dealing him now, so teams would have him for at least one full season and not just for a few months. Most teams might be willing to give up a little more now for the chance to have him in their rotation all season long.

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