Prospect #50: Korey Noles

Korey Noles lacks any real sense of being an intimidating type pitcher, but if you ask the batter per inning that he struck out last season, he's a pretty tough guy to face.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 24th round of the 2008 Draft.
Bats: L   Throws: L
Height: 5' 11"   Weight: 185 lbs.
Birth Date: July 18, 1985
2008 Team(s): GCL / Williamsport / Lakewood
Games/Games Started: 16 G / 1 GS
School: Columbus State

Korey Noles doesn't fit the typical mold that the Phillies like to see for their pitchers. Ideally, the Phillies - and most other teams - like to find those big, tall guys that are going to not only have intimidating pitches, but will just look downright unhittable when they stare down a hitter from sixty-feet-six-inches. Instead, Noles more fits the mold of former Phillie Rheal Cormier; a guy who didn't have an intimidating bone in his body, nor any truly intimidating pitches, but knew full well how to get major league hitters out and did so for 16 seasons in the majors.

Noles is going to have to learn how to be an intimidating guy even though he won't carry the intimidating factors that go with being the prototypical pitcher. He's got a good fastball that is one of those sneaky, fast type pitches that hitters tend to misjudge and underestimate. Noles is able to combine that with his good command and the fact that he knows how to stay away from the fat part of the plate to get good strikeout totals, including striking out 68 hitters in 68 innings of work this past season over three different leagues.

By the time Noles arrived in Lakewood in early September, the BlueClaws were heading toward the post-season. Noles didn't miss a beat and was even picked to start game four of the South Atlantic League Championship against Greenville, down in his neck of the woods, with a bunch of family and friends on hand to see him pitch the biggest game of his career, so far. He gave Lakewood 7 2/3 strong innings and the 'Claws picked up a 5-1 win to win their second SAL title in the past four seasons. Afterward, Noles admitted that he didn't even have his best stuff when he was warming up, but found a way to pitch and was also able to stay ahead of hitters.

"I was kinda worried. I was a little bit nervous, but I just had to go out there and compete," Noles said on a Lakewood BlueClaws podcast following the win.

That attitude is exactly what Noles is going to need throughout his career. He can't get hung up on strikeouts, even though he is a strikeout pitcher at this point in his career, and he's just going to have to compete with what he's got as weapons. His strikeout numbers could likely drop as he hits the higher levels and the Phillies aren't sure if they truly view him as a starter, but that will all be determined by how he develops and how his secondary pitches start to come along for him as he progresses.

Korey Noles' career stats

2008 Williamsport 1 1 2.30 10 0 15.2 13 4 4 1 3 13 1.021 7.5 1.7 7.5
2009 GCL 0 0 0.50 5 3 18.0 12 1 1 0 7 20 1.056 6.0 3.5 10.0
2009 Williamsport 3 2 2.34 9 7 42.1 31 13 11 0 11 39 0.992 6.6 2.3 8.3
2009 Lakewood 1 0 1.17 2 1 7.2 4 1 1 0 2 9 0.783 4.7 2.3 10.6
TOTALS 5 3 1.83 26 11 83.2 60 19 17 1 23 81 0.992 6.5 2.5 8.7

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