Phillies Prospect #45: Eric Massingham

While a hand injury shortened the season for Eric Massingham, hopes are that he'll be able to rebound and put up more numbers like he did in 2009. In fact, if not for the injury, Massingham might have been moving on to Lakewood this season.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 25th round of the 2009 Draft.
Bats: R   Throws: R
Height: 6' 2"   Weight: 205 lbs.
Birth Date: November 19, 1986
2009 Team(s): Williamsport
Games/Games Started: 13 G / 0 GS
School: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Why Massingham debuts at #45: Eric Massingham had a strong debut season in the Phillies organization, starting his professional career at Williamsport. The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo product was part of the school's first team to make the regionals and Massingham was a big part of their success, even though he didn't plan on being there that long. "I never really envisioned staying four years, and I'm glad I did," admitted Massingham. "Because I got to not only experience four years of college, but I got to be part of the first regional team, and that in itself was worth staying. I loved that." Massingham's season was cut short when he was hit in his pitching hand by a line-drive, breaking his hand and ending his season. 

CATEGORY Massingham NY-Penn League Average
ERA 0.76 3.49
H/9 IP 5.70 8.37
HR/9 IP 0.00 0.43
BB/9 IP 3.04 3.35
KO/9 IP 12.17 7.90
WHIP 0.97 1.30
WP/9 IP 0.00 0.64
A player's stat posted in white indicates that he performed above the league average in that category. A player's stat posted in black indicates that he performed below the league average in that category.

Repertoire: Massingham generally throws his fastball in the upper-80s and will occasionally touch 90 or a little above. The key to his success is that he can mix in a strong curve and a nice change-up to keep hitters guessing a little. His curve was rated by some scouts as one of the top five or six in the country coming into last season's draft.

Pitching Style: Somewhat surprisingly, Massingham upped his strikeout ability once he hit Williamsport. He wasn't always seen as a high strikeout type of pitcher, but he whiffed 32 in 23 2/3 innings with the CrossCutters and walked only eight. His senior season at Cal Poly, he struck out 25 and walked 15 in 38 innings. It will be interesting to see if his strikeout trends continue as he moves through the system.

Projection: Down the road, Massingham could work himself into a spot as a starter, considering that his repertoire is pretty deep. If the Phillies can crank up his velocity to the point where he's consistently in the 90s, it will make the transition to a starter much easier, not to mention make his move through the system a little quicker. There's no guarantee that Massingham will be ready to go when the full-season leagues start in April. It's most likely that the Phillies will make sure he's healthy and give him all the time that he needs in extended camp and then possibly send him back to Williamsport, at least for a while. It's not out of the question that he could at least get a late season audition with Lakewood.

Eric Massingham's career stats

2009 Williamsport 2 1 0.76 13 0 4 23.2 15 5 2 0 8 32 0.97

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