Colvin Makes Jump To Lakewood

Brody Colvin was practically on his way to class at LSU when his agent reached a deal with the Phillies last August. Had Colvin attended just that one class, he would have been unable to sign with the Phillies, but a deal came just in time.

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the 7th round of the 2009 Draft.
Bats: R   Throws: R
Height: 6' 3"  Weight: 195 pounds
Birth Date: August 14, 1990
2009 Team(s): GCL Phillies
Games/Games Started: 1 G / 0 GS
School: St. Thomas Moore HS (Louisiana)

Why Colvin debuts at 27: Obviously, since Brody Colvin only got to pitch in one game as a professional last season, we're going on his reputation and projecting a lot of good things for Colvin. To go along with the usual mechanical tweaks, inconsistency and just general development that a kid out of high school has to work on when he reaches the pros, Colvin brings a lot of good, strong, upside to his potential. He's got a strong arm and throws a fastball in the low-90s, but the velocity isn't the selling point for the pitch. The impressive part of Colvin's fastball is the movement and how it explodes out of his hand.

Repertoire: Colvin is living on his fastball right now. He can get both lateral and downward movement on the pitch and it appears to the hitter to be much faster than the low-90s that it's generally clocked at. The movement that Colvin gets on the pitch is natural and he hasn't quite been able to harness it enough to give him consistency with the pitch. Both of Colvin's secondary pitches - a curve and change - are very much works in progress. It looks like the change-up will become Colvin's second best pitch as he's able to throw it with little discernable change in arm motion or speed and he should be able to make it much better than it is. The curve is very inconsistent and sometimes flattens out into a very hittable pitch for hitters who can take advantage of mistakes. Again, these inconsistencies are just part of dealing with a young pitcher and Colvin should be able to make corrections as he develops.

Pitching Style: Since he's making a living off of his fastball, Colvin generally goes right after hitters, but as his curve and change-up develop, he'll likely become more of a pitcher than a thrower. The Phillies will have some work to do with Colvin's mechanics, especially with how he brings his plant foot into position; he sometimes doesn't get enough of a stride, which levels out his pitches and leaves them up in the zone. Again, a very correctable thing that doesn't need to be a concern at this point.

Projection: It has to be mentioned that Colvin showed a major flaw in logic when he was arrested over the winter for what sounds like a basic bar fight. Problem is that 1.) Colvin was just 19 when the incident occurred and shouldn't have been in a bar and 2.) Even at 19, he should know better than to put his future in jeopardy by getting into a bar fight. Here would be where the obligatory of Cole Hamels would go, but we'll skip the details on that one. One reason why the arrest was so disappointing is because Colvin is smarter than that and he does have a bright future ahead of him. There are some that believe he could transform into a top of the rotation starter and make a fairly quick climb through the majors, but for now, let's call him a mid-to-top of the rotation prospect, especially once his mechanics are tweaked and he progresses enough to give us a good look at just how good he can be. The Phillies started him at Lakewood, which is quite an opportunity for a guy who made just one relief appearance in rookie ball and is fresh out of high school, but Colvin just might be able to handle the move. His future is as a starter and he is taking a spot in Lakewood's rotation, which could turn out to be one of the better rotations in the Phillies system.

Comparison: One scout compared Colvin to Justin Verlander of the Tigers. That's a lofty comparison, but it's not out of the question that Colvin could eventually live up to the comparison.

Brody Colvin's career stats

2009 GCL  0 0 0.00 1 0 2.0 0 1 0 0 1 2
2010 Lakewood 0 1 11.25 1 1 4.0 9 6 5 1 0 3
2 Seasons 0 1 7.50 2 1 6.0 9 7 5 1 1 5

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stats through 4/12/2010.

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