Pirates Prospect Interview: Andrew Lambo

At the trade deadline last season the Pirates acquired Andrew Lambo from the Dodgers organization. At Double A Altoona he batted .275 with two home runs and 10 RBI. In the Arizona Fall League Lambo hit .274 with four home runs and 23 RBI. Here is a Q&A with the 22-year old outfielder.

PD -- You tested positive for a substance on the "drug of abuse" list and served a suspension while you were in the Dodgers organization, was the trade to Pittsburgh a welcome change of scenery?

AL -- The Dodgers were unhappy. When something like that happens, you disrespect the organization. It's not good; it shows they don't run things well, which sucks because that's not them. That's not who I am, either.

PD -- Do you view this as a clean slate with the Pirates and another opportunity?

AL -- You could kind of feel that the opportunity was slowly decreasing with the Dodgers. It was unfortunate, but I'm so happy I got the opportunity the Pirates gave me for my future.

PD -- You played in the Arizona Fall League and it is the third time you participated in that league and you put up good numbers there, what was that experience like going up against some elite talent?

AL -- It's a privilege and an honor to get invited to something as well established as the Arizona Fall League, there's a high percentage of big leaguers that come out of there so it's definitely an honor to go there and represent your team as much as possible. Those things are really important because there are three or four other teams so the other teams checkout what goes on. It was good and I think the Pirates went there as an organization and did there job and everybody from the Pirates took care of business.

PD -- Tony Sanchez was there and played in the rising stars game, talk about Sanchez and what he brings to the organization?

AL -- Tony is a smart baseball player and he did a great job and he kind of bounced back. He missed a lot of games with injury and a lot of guys sometimes don't even bounce back from something like that and for him to bounce back so quick you've got to give that guy a lot of credit.

PD -- You were a part of a team at Altoona that won the Eastern League Championship, what was it like to join a team and win a championship?

AL -- I came in like at the last stand pretty much and when I came in everybody was kind of a little fatigued, they had a real long season and they had to play in the cold which is kind of tough. I just gave them a little energy kick. I really didn't need to do too much, I kind of just did my job and that's what everybody did on that team. I did my job and didn't try to do too much and we won and we had great pitching, every starter we had was just lights out. Out pitching staff was just lights out and you can't ask for much more.

PD -- You were one of the top prospects with the Dodgers and now you are with the Pirates, what does that mean to be a part of the Pirates organization.

AL -- It's a privilege and an honor, it's an established organization and they've had a rough couple of years and there trying to do some good things. The direction they are going is really cool and they know what they are doing and they have some goals and hopefully I can be a part of that.

PD -- Have you been able to put your problems out of your mind and move on?

AL -- It's something that happened in the past. I'm not bringing it up too much. All I can do is just move forward and show people as I move forward who I really am as a person, how that's not me and that's not how I conduct my life.

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