Pirates Prospect Interview: Brock Holt

Brock Holt is off to a solid start with Double A Altoona. The second baseman is batting .286 with one home run and 14 RBI, he also has nine stolen bases. PiratesDugout.com's George Von Benko spoke with Holt recently.

GVB – You got of to a great start and then leveled off a bit, what happened during the cold stretch?

BH – I got of to a real good start and then hit a slump there for awhile and I made an adjustment with our hitting coach Brandon Moore and I'm starting to pick things back up. Of course I wish I wouldn't have hit that slump, but we play the same teams over and over again, so I think they kind of figured out how to start pitching me. They were pitching me backwards and more like a middle of the order type guy rather than a lead off guy. It's just some adjustments that I had to make and I'm starting to do that now and I'm feeling a lot better in the batter's box.

GVB – Was it a major adjustment that you made?

BH – It was just a minor adjustment with the spacing that I was creating with my stride. I was just picking my foot up and putting it right back down and had no stride. When I was at State College Brandon Moore was there too and he got me to stride a little bit and create space for my hands to work and have more room to work and I just got away from that. We had an early hitting session and I got that stride back a little bit and my hands are able to work free.

GVB – You were off to a great start at Bradenton last season before you suffered a knee injury – that had to be a big disappointment?

BH – Absolutely, anytime you are having a season where you are selected to the All Star team and you have an injury like that, it's definitely disappointing, but it's part of the game. It took me a little while to get over the fact that I wouldn't be playing the rest of the year, but it was something I had to deal with and know I'm back to a hundred percent and feeling good.

GVB – So the rehab went well?

BH – Yeah, I feel good. The beginning of rehab was tough because I didn't know if the knee would hold up, but it feels good and it feels like nothing ever happened.

– You are playing second base at Altoona, last season you played shortstop at Bradenton. Do the Pirates envision you as a second baseman or a shortstop?

BH – I haven't really heard a lot, I know that with my knee injury they moved me back over to second to just kind of help with that. I think they still want me to be able to play on both sides of the bag, but right now their plan is to be able to develop me as a second baseman, but I'm still in the mindset that I need to be able to play both positions well.

GVB – Do you have a preference second or short?

BH – I really do not. I feel solid at both positions, right now I love second base and I feel comfortable over there turning the double play and making the feeds and the throw definitely is a lot better from second base. But I'm comfortable at both positions.

GVB – Do you feel good about the way that you've been playing defensively?

BH – Yes, I feel really good. I've made a few errors – like five I think, but they have been kind of mental errors, they haven't been physical. I kind of been lackadasical at times and that just part of me kind of growing up. I need to learn how to be ready for every pitch. But I feel really strong defensively and I feel like I've been playing really well so far.

GVB – The injury last year set you back a little bit, but to you still feel like you are making a good progression through the Pirates farm system?

BH – Yes, I really am happy with the way I'm progressing. In spring training I didn't know where I would end up and I was happy when I found out that I was going to break camp with the Double A team and I'm please so far to be playing as well as I have been. I feel good about where I'm at right now.

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