Boggs enjoying playing time in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Indians' right fielder Brandon Boggs continues to build his confidence as the team heads further into the season. Boggs has started every game, both on the road and at home, for the Indians.

"It's an actual experience I have to get used to again," Boggs said. "Last year it was a little different; I was a bench player, but I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've always been a player that can play every day anyways, so it's good to know I'm out there every day and that my name is going to be on the line-up cared every day."

As the stats stand right now, Boggs ranks among the best on the team. He is currently ranked No. 1 in runs with 14 total, home runs with four and is tied for number one in total bases, he has racked up 34. He said that these numbers mean a lot to him so far this season. In the entire Pirates organization, he is tied for first in home runs.

"I just wanted to start off well after a pretty bad Spring Training," he said. "I'm gaining my confidence right now and it's just showing out there on the baseball field."

As a part of the outfield lineup for the Indians, Boggs said that he really enjoys playing with Starling Marte, and Gorkys Hernandez.

"It's one of the best outfields I've ever been a part of," he said. "Marte and them are a little bit younger than me, but you know, they're fast. We're all fast."

Recently, the Indians have changed things up with Marte starting in left field and Hernandez starting in center.

As a trio, the three outfielders have posted impressive offensive stats and rank in the top three on the team. Marte still holds the No. 1 spot on the Pirates prospective roster for stealing a total of nine bases in ten attempts this season. He is batting .294 in his last ten games.

Hernandez is hitting .255 with six RBI and is playing outstanding defense. Boggs said that as an outfield group, each of them know their duties and work well together.

"We can all back each other up so we can make good plays," he said. "Especially right now in this season, we're just all around the outfield. And this [Victory Field] is a big outfield so we're going to need that speed."

As the Tribe heads further into the season, Boggs said that he will continue to work hard day in and day out. He said that his goals for improvement include keeping the same routine and building confidence. Boggs also said that every day he aims to be a better teammate and help the team has a whole get better.

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