Fryer, Tribe hope to get on track at home

With 21 games under their belt, the Indianapolis Indians have won one less game at Victory Field than they have on the road. After taking Thursday off this week, the Indians played on the road and boasted 13 runs in the Friday night game win against the Durham Bulls and followed that up with a 2-0 win on Saturday.

A few Indians seem to fair better playing away from Indianapolis. Infielders Jeff Clement and Jordy Mercer as well as catcher Eric Fryer have been the consistent trio to excel on the road. Clement is hitting .406 (13-for 32) with four runs, three RBI and seven doubles in nine road games. Clement is one of the top starters for Indianapolis after having started a total of 14 games for the Tribe.

Mercer is also a top starter for the Indians, starting in 18 games total. Mercer holds the team's best 10 RBI, and is hitting .279 in 10 road games. Fryer has started 13 games for the Tribe and posts a .357 average.

As the catcher who has started the most games this season, Fryer said the his connection with the pitchers is good so far this season.

"Right now, we're in a unique position where all of our starters are left handed, so it's pretty nice to able to build off of that," Fryer said.

Fryer also said that he does not have a preference as to who to catch for because as a catcher, he catches a little bit of everything when he's behind home plate. He said that his main goal is to go out there and get the most out of each pitcher.

"Not everyone has the same amount in the tank," Fryer said. "They don't have the same velocity, so you've got to find out what's working for them that day and do your best to adjust how you're playing in order to get the best out of them." Fryers said that it's nice to be able to play with the same game plan in mind with all the pitchers because of their pitching style. He said that it's a lot easier to adjust from pitcher to pitcher since the starters are left handed versus going back and forth between a righty and a lefty.

Although some Indians are performing better on the road, Fryer said that he hopes to win more games at home.

"I think winning just in general anywhere is pretty important, but when we come here [Victory Field], we have a pretty fantastic ball park here in Indianapolis," he said. "We have pretty good crowds normally, so it's a lot of fun when you win at home because the crowd's into it and people are on their feet. So it's just a lot of fun."

However, with any crowd, be it home or on the road, negativity is sure to follow. Fryer said that he doesn't let the heckling from rowdy fans affect how he plays.

"I think everyone's going to get negative attention whether they like it or not. If you're doing really, really well, you're sure to get negative attention for one reason or another," Fryer said. "So, pretty much, you just worry about what you can control. You can't control fans. You can't control how they think of you, but you can control what you do on the field and how you approach the game. So I think once you take care of that, everything else takes care of itself."

Despite the rough patch the Tribe seems to have at home, Fryer said that he's really enjoyed playing for the Indians.

"It's great here. We have a really great clubhouse and a good group of guys," he said. "[We're] loose at times, but you know, come game time, we're serious and ready to get our work done and strive for a victory. So it's a really great team."

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