Hernandez has sights on the big leagues

After spending a 19-game promotion with the Pittsburgh Pirates, left fielder Gorkys Hernandez returned to Indianapolis on June 6. While with Pittsburgh, Hernandez made his major league debut and played in nine games. He batted .200 with two RBI, a stolen base and a run scored.

In his first game back in an Indians uniform, Hernandez went 2-for-3 with a pair of doubles, two walks, an RBI, two stolen bases and a run scored. Prior to playing in the majors, Hernandez was batting .351 in the last ten games for the Indians. Both offensively and defensively, Hernandez has been a key component to the Tribe's roster.

"I try to work hard every day in the cage, you know, and during B.P.," Hernandez said. "When I'm at home plate, I try to concentrate on one spot."

According to him, Hernandez has been working hard with the coaches in the batting cage to maintain his consistency. He said that the coaches have told him to eliminate a spot over home plate and wait for the right pitch.

Defensively, Hernandez is a flexible outfield player. Prior to being recalled, Hernandez was playing some center field and some left field. However, Hernandez said that he really does not care where he plays as long as he plays.

"It's very important to me [to be playing]. I want to be in the line-up no matter what, whether it's at left field or center field," he said. "Yes, I like center field, that's my position, but I don't care if I play center field, left field or right field. It does not matter to me. I just want to be in the line-up."

Along with Hernandez, two other Indians have played in the outfield most of the season. Brandon Boggs, who has played all three outfield positions and Starling Marte has played two of the positions. According to Hernandez, the three of them have a good team relationship.

"It [the outfield relationship] is pretty good," he said. "We have a good relationship out there [on the field], and we work on our routine together. For me that's what's the best. We work hard as a team together and everything is fine."

Playing in the outfield takes concentration and dedication for all nine innings. During every game, Hernandez said that he tries to ignore the crowd attention and focus on his job.

"Sometimes when I'm on the field and the game starts I don't really pay attention to the fans," he said. "I try to pay more attention to the game, and that for me means being focused during the game. For me, that's the one thing that I can do."

Entering action on Friday, Hernandez has played a total of 46 games for the Indians. In those 46 games he has been at bat 154 times. In those 154 at bats, Hernandez has amassed 26 runs, 42 hits, 18 RBI and 2 home runs. Hernandez described exactly what he was waiting for when he hit his first two home runs of the season.

"Sometimes you are looking for one pitch, and that's what I do. I look for one pitch," he said.

Both of Hernandez's home runs were hit off of fast balls that, according to him, went right over the spot that he's been working to eliminate over home plate.

Now that he is back in Indianapolis, Hernandez has fit right back into his same routine. He said that he still wants to continue to work hard and get better every day. He wants to get better individually and as a team.

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