Kensing makes smooth transition with Tribe

With just a little over a month left to play before the playoffs, making a transition to another team may be hard for some. However, right-handed pitcher Logan Kensing has made the move smoothly and now joins the Indianapolis Indians as they continue to lead the International League.

Kensing moved up from Double-A Altoona on July 25 and was added to the Indians' roster on the same day that left-handed pitcher Rudy Owens was traded to the Houston Astros. From his previous experiences in Indianapolis, Kensing said that he is glad to be here.

"I like it [here in Indianapolis]. I've been here before, I played here one time," Kensing said. "I've always like the city and it's a really great place to play, probably one of the top five. It's just clean, full of nice people and a lot of baseball fans."

Kensing said Altoona was a good minor league stop, and nice place to live and play.

"It's a smaller town. I guess it's kind of quaint. You pretty much get to meet everybody and everybody is at the games," he said. "And the owners were always there and the coaching staff was always good to us."

Kensing said that he is glad to know that all of his hard work in Altoona paid off and brought him to Indianapolis. However, this is not Kensing's first appearance in Triple-A.

"It's going okay. This is my third stint in Triple-A," Kensing said. "It was just one of those deals where we got off to a slow start with injuries and some other things just back-logged us. But you show up and play the game until they tell you not to."

Kensing was drafted by the Marlins in 2003 and in 2006 underwent "Tommy John" surgery. According to him, his career and attitude about the game changed while he was on his way to recovery.

"Before it [the surgery] it felt like I was taking everything for granted. But once you have a major injury, it makes you question during the rehab process," Kensing said. "Once you get out of it, there's kind of like a light at the end of the tunnel and you just hope that it stays there."

In early January, Kensing signed a minor league deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mutual friendships on the team helped Kensing make his decision as to who to play for.

"Actually, [Manager] Dean [Treanor] was my first pitching coordinator I had when I got drafted by the Marlins and the pitching coordinator now is Scott Mitchell, who was my first pitching coach," Kensing said. "So it's kind of a mutual relationship and our friendships have moved past the baseball field, so that helped me out."

As an experienced player, playing in both the majors and the minors, Kensing said that the one thing that he learned early in his career that he still carries with him is to relax during a ball game.

"You can really speed the game up in your head and if you don't relax, it all falls apart real quick," he said.

For him, calming down during the game starts with self-reflection and breathing.

"I just tell myself to calm down," Kensing said. "Mostly you just have to breathe and just stay in the game. I mean, I think we're all competitors and sometimes you have to pull the reigns back and try to stay in control."

Being on the Tribe's roster is exciting for Kensing. As he looks ahead to where his career might take him now, the one thing he said was that he "just takes it one day at a time."

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