Holt makes most of opportunity with Tribe

After spending almost a year-and-a-half with the Double-A Altoona Curve, infielder Brock Holt finally got the break he was looking for on August 7. Holt joined the first place Indianapolis Indians roster and made his Triple-A debut all in one day. Holt said that his experience in Altoona was rewarding.

"It was good, you know. I spent all of 2011 in Altoona and then most of this year," he said. "So it was a fairly long stake, but I learned a lot. I had a lot of fun and I played with a lot of guys that are on this team now. I just enjoyed my time there but I am definitely glad to be here now."

Holt has seized the opportunity at Triple A, in 14 games he is batting .411 with one home run and four RBI. Holt is currently riding a 10 game hitting streak, he is batting .476 during the streak.

Before playing professional baseball, Holt attended and graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas. As a junior, Holt achieved a .348 batting average with 12 home runs and 43 RBI. Holt was then drafted in 2009 and is now in his fourth season of pro-ball and said that the one thing that hit him hard over the years has been the length of the seasons.

"The biggest thing was just the everyday grind of it; playing every day was kind of one of the toughest things to learn. [I had to learn] how to get myself ready every day," Holt said. "You know in college, you maybe play four or five games a week, but here it's every day, so that was the biggest thing, the biggest surprise to kind of get used to. Then of course travel and traveling stuff, but you learn to get used to it. You kind of learn what you need to do to get ready and things you need to do every day to get yourself ready to play."

Over the years, Holt has found a way to get himself mentally and physically prepared for every game.

"You know, just when I get to the park, I first off just maybe relax a little bit, maybe get something to eat and hang out a little bit. Then you get your work done in the cage and whatever you need to do there. You make sure you stretch and get loose and ready for B.P. out on the field," Holt said. "My routine is just to get to the park and do what I'm used to doing and just try to relax. That's the biggest thing, not to focus on what's ahead but kind of be in the moment and enjoy my time."

Earlier this season, Holt was named to the mid-season All-Star team for the second year in a row. He said that he really enjoyed his time playing with guys from around the league and felt honored to be a part of an All-Star team. Holt also said that his family was there to support him for the first time since making the All-Star team twice in a row. For Holt, the All-Star games were something to be proud of; however, according to him, his career has been full of both spectacular and not so spectacular moments.

"I've had a lot of both. I've had some really good ones, some really high moments. Last year of course I won the MVP of the All-Star game, which is probably at the top of the list so far. And of course being an All-Star every year so far," he said. "And then low points, I mean you have so many low points and high points, so I don't know. I think some low points have just been some slumps and you know everybody has them. And then there are certain games where you definitely want to forget about after you have them. So I've had a few of those."

Holt said that it feels good to know that all of his hard work has brought him to Indianapolis.

"It's huge, you know. When I was told I was getting to come up here, I was excited." he said. "Like I said, I've spent over a year-and-a-half in Double-A, so I was ready to get the call to come up here. You know, I'm excited about being here. I've got a lot of buddies on this team, and I'm looking forward to finishing this month out strong with Indianapolis."

Although he made his Triple-A debut in a game that the Indians lost 12-2, his efforts did not go unnoticed as Holt went 1-for-3 with a run scored. Despite the loss, Holt said that he was still excited to be debuting with the International League's No. 1 team.

"It feels good. It feels really good to come to a team that's doing great and in first place and now has the chance at playoffs and winning the whole thing," Holt said. "That's something I haven't been a part of so far in my minor league career. So I'm looking forward to this last month and playing well and getting to the playoffs and we'll see what happens."

As an entire team, the Indianapolis Indians show the potential to lead the playoffs. As for Holt, personally, he just hopes to finish the season on the right foot.

"I just want to finish consistent," he said. "I feel like I've been consistent most of the year so far, and that's the biggest thing, just coming out every day and playing well every day. Consistency is a huge part of this game, so as long as I can do that, I'll be happy."

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