Treanor does solid job with Indians

When it comes to managing the best minor league baseball team in the International League, Indianapolis Indians Manager Dean Treanor knows what that's all about and praises his team for doing so well this season.

"Well, we have some talent here. We've had some scouts here and some of the guys have moved to Pittsburgh and they're doing well there," Treanor said. "I think the key to the season has been our pitching. Offense is not what it was last year, so for the first part of the season, you know, our offense was struggling a little bit, and then our pitching really carried us. That's similar to what happened with Pittsburgh; their starting pitchers and pitching staff up there carried them the first part of the season, and so I think that's been our strength all year."

With 25 guys on the Indians roster, Treanor said that it was difficult to pinpoint any one player that has excelled above the rest. However, some may have done better than the rest of the Pirates organization thought they would.

"I never don't expect somebody to be successful, and I think that's the way you have to look at it. I think that's the way they [the players] have to look at it," Treanor said. "So I think maybe some of the guys performed better than the organization thought they would do, but it's really fortunate, here, that this is really a good bunch of guys that have played really well together and I think it shows on the field."

As a leader for the team, Treanor said that it's important to know the team and know the guys as individuals. It helps him motivate the guys deeper into the season if he knows more about them as individuals rather than just the team. With so many guys in different eras of their careers, individual motivations differ from that of the team's motivation.

"Well, everyone talks about this being a rather difficult level and it is. We've got guys here that have had time in the big leagues and are trying to get back. Some guys are not happy that they are here and feel that they should be there [the big leagues]," Treanor said. "I think you listen to the managers in the big leagues and they always say that there are different personalities on the team. Here, I think it's even more dramatic and more important that you understand the personalities of all 25 of your guys, and you really have to individualize everything and I think the motivation comes from there. Everybody has a different motivation. We have players that are on their way up, like Starling Marte; he was motivated every day and he's showing that up there [in the big leagues]. So I think here, it's important that you understand the personalities and what really does motivate your individual guys."

The Triple-A level is a level where young guys on their way to the big leagues meet with older guys that have been sent down from the big leagues. Treanor said that he expects a lot more out his veteran players as far as control and leadership goes.

"Pittsburgh is becoming a much younger organization and we have a lot of young players here [in Indianapolis]. Some guys are in their second year here, some guys are in their first year and some guys just here. So you really want that leadership from the older guys, and it's something I talk to them about, I want them to be leaders in the clubhouse. If you're ever in our clubhouse, you'll see that I'm rarely in our clubhouse, other than just to walk through to come outside. It's their clubhouse; you want them to feel comfortable there, but any issues that come up they take of themselves, and that's where your leadership comes from you veteran guys."

With constant change and constant shifting of players, Treanor has found a way to keep all of his players on the same page throughout the entire season. He said the secret to doing so is to make sure that the guys are focused on the here and the now. As a team, he said the collective goal is to win the championship this season, but he also makes sure that the team knows some things are just out of their hands, like injury and trades.

Towards the end of July, numerous trades affected the Tribe's roster. Treanor said that the best thing he can do to keep the team focused on the game was to talk about the situations they were facing as a team.

"Well that's just it, July is always a tough month at this level because of that [the trade deadline]. These guys are aware and I know they're on the phones. They're on the phone with their agents; they hear rumors and it affects these guys," Treanor said. "The one thing you can't do is pretend that it doesn't happen, so we talk about it, we talk with the guys. When rumors come up, we try to address that and again the focus has to be here. We'll let everything else take care of itself and that's why I think we're where we're at; our focus, for the most part, is in here every day."

With the buzz in the air about the upcoming month of September, Treanor said that in order to make it to September, the team has to stay focused and take care of August. According to him, the lead about Columbus is nice for the team, but they won't start talking playoffs until the regular season is settled. However, he does have high hopes for the team and thinks they will do well.

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