2013 Draft Scouting Report: Sean Manaea

When it comes to scouting for the draft, much of the hard work is done in the summer. That's why we're on the scene this summer, scouting the top amateur leagues, and showcases. As part of our 2013 draft coverage, we're providing team quality first-hand scouting reports on the names you need to know. Here's a report from the Cape Cod League, as we evaluate left-hander, Sean Manaea.

Name: Sean Manaea
Position: Pitcher
School: Indiana State
Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 215
Bats/Throws: L/L

Events Scouted: Cape Cod League

Physical Description

Manaea is a prototype when it comes to having a pitcher's frame. He has extra long limbs, and he's very lean and athletic. The best news is that he still looks like he has room to add 10-15 pounds of strength as he matures.


There's an ever so slight hiccup in Manaea's arm action that needs to be taken note of, but other than that it's downright effortless. His arm action is so easy and effortless, it's hard to imagine how he generates the type of velocity he does. There in lies much of his deception. He spins off at times but for the most part repeats very well.


Manaea's fastball is special. He throws it anywhere from 92-96 mph, living consistently around 93-94, but that isn't the main reason it's special. Even when he's down around 92 mph late in outings, Manaea still is blowing hitters away over the heart of the plate with his fastball. Hitters simply do not see the ball well off the tall southpaw, and that's something that won't change regardless of competition. It can't be understated just how rare an ability he has to miss bats with the fastball. The throws his fastball as frequently as any amateur pitcher I've seen in recent memory and the amount of swings and misses he generates is remarkable.


The slider is a pitch Manaea will have to become more consistent with. It flashed plus bite at times this summer, but it wasn't there for him every time. That inconsistency could also be chalked up to how infrequently he had to use it. Thrown anywhere from 83-87, he just needs to get his release point ironed out with this offering.


Manaea showed up to the Cape with strict orders to work on his changeup. By the time he left, his changeup was a plus pitch. It showed big, splitter-like action at times at 82-86 mph, and it was a true swing and miss pitch when following his barrage of fastballs.


Unique is the key word when it comes to Sean Manaea. And, it may be his uniqueness that allows him to pitch at the top of the big league rotation. He was a strike throwing machine this summer, has the requisite fastball up to 95-96 mph, and he has the potential for plus secondary pitches. But, that unique ability to easily miss bats with his fastball could make him a special big league starter. And, the most enticing aspect of his game is that he is just beginning to scratch the surface of his ability. Some scouts compared him to John Candelaria this summer, but given his exploding fastball he's a very difficult pitcher to make comparisons with. Madison Bumgarner may be the best comparison available right now. Barring unforeseen events in the spring, he should be a slam dunk to go in the top ten overall picks in June.

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