Tyler Glasnow Q&A

Right-hander Tyler Glasnow has not disappointed in his two years of minor league ball. In two years he has posted a 21-8 record with an ERA of 1.94 and 321 strikeouts in 235.2 . Injured last year, he was still able to get back to form and be the Pirates’ minor league pitcher of the year for the second year in a row. PiratesDugout.com caught up with Glasnow recently.

PD – You are in big league camp with the veterans right now. Has this been a good learning experience for you?

TG – It's been good, it's really only been like a week since I've been here, but in that week I've learned a ton. It's been a big learning experience, a lot of the veteran guys and some of the bigger guys have come in and it's been open arms. Like I said I've learned a lot and hopefully I can stay here as long as I can and just pick their brain and see what I can learn.

PD – Is it different than minor league camp?

TG – At minor league camp you will come in early and see them and it's like are they real people? Then you see them here and you get to talk to them and you get to see how they really are. Everyone around here has been really cool. It's great coming in and talking to those guys.

PD – You pitched in the Arizona Fall League, was it a good experience?

TG – I was fortunate enough to pitch in the Fall League this year. I really wanted to go and kind of see how the hitters were and it was good. It was a good learning experience, so I'm glad I went there and I'll be able to go to Altoona this year. I'm excited for the challenge. I know it's a big leap, they say High A to Double A is a big leap, so I'm up for the challenge. Hopefully as I get better the hitters will get better. It's kind of a chess game really.

PD – Were you pleased with the way you pitched in the Fall League?

TG – The last two weeks of the Fall League I got a lot of things down with my mechanics and just felt comfortable. I learned a change up that I can throw for strikes and just showing hitters that I can throw pitches for strikes it really keeps them off balance. If you can show the curve ball early it's something that them have to think about the entire at bat and the change up is coming along really well, so the last two weeks of the Fall League and early in spring training I feel like I've gotten a lot better and control is coming a lot quicker, so I'm excited for this year.

PD – What are your goals here in spring training?

PD – I kind of want to make it perfect every single day, but you've just kind of kind of let it go and take it day by day. It's getting a lot easier, I'm gaining weight and doing my strength exercises and stuff you can really do to refine your mechanics. My ultimate goal is to get off all those prospect lists and make the major leagues. It's nice and it's cool. It's not really what I'm focused on. Obviously, if you do well those things will come along with it. You have to take care of the first thing and do it well before anything can happen.

PD – Do you have any sort of a timetable for getting to the big leagues?

TG – Right when I got here, they kind of take guys slow. So you do kind of get prepared for it. You know that something is going to happen, so it's kind of pointless sitting there knowing that if you do well you can move up fast. It makes it pretty easy to set your own goals for the year and not worry about getting moved up. They've done it so many times and they have so much success (so) all my trust is with them.

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