Blake Wood Bounces Back at Indy

Right-hander Blake Wood will be on the International League Roster for the Triple-A All-Star Game. Wood has had a solid first half of the season for the Indianapolis Indians posting an 0-2 record with 21 saves and a 3.03 ERA. spoke with Wood recently.

PD – It must be gratifying for you after all that you've gone through including the Tommy John surgery to be pitching this well and make the All Star team?

BW – It's always gratifying to make an All Star team, you know that you're having a good season and the last couple of years have been a little bit trying for me, coming back from Tommy John surgery and struggling a little bit with the command, but this year it's kind of come together again for me.

PD – 2014 was a rough season for you, did you ever give up hope?

BW – It never got to the point where I knew I couldn’t get it done. I knew something had to give. I knew if I could get in the right situation and with the right people, I could figure it out again.

PD – It has been a long rough road back for you hasn't it?

BW – You don’t want to go in expecting anything from this game, because the game is too difficult. There are so many things that can happen. You can do everything right and you can still fail, and that’s hard for a lot of people to grasp. It’s hard for me to grasp. It’s not necessarily washing it away, but learning from the experiences I had last year, knowing it’s not the end of the world when things don’t go your way. It’s been a hard lesson for a lot of us to learn. It’s taken me awhile to learn that.

PD – Talk about the command. Anything in particular that you are doing or is it just simply that you are healthy?

BW – Health is obviously a major factor and again it's being healthy, being confident that your arm is going to hold up and after that just repeating your delivery and going out there everyday knowing that you have a good delivery and that allows you to continue to throw strikes and get ahead of guys.

PD – The All Star game is in Omaha, that's got to be weird because you spent parts of three years there with the Royals farm team, it's going to be neat for you isn't it?

BW – It will be a little weird, but at the same time I came up with the Royals, so it will be good to get back and see some old faces, but at the same time I'm trying to win it just like all the other guys.

PD – You are going to the All Star game along with your battery mate Elias Diaz and second baseman Alen Hanson, what about the Indians how good are they?

BW – I think the thing that separates this club from any other Triple A club I've been on is the kind of depth that we have. There is really not a weak spot in our lineup, in our rotation and in our bullpen. That's why you can see our record is what it is. Every guy we throw out there does the job.

PD – What does it mean to you that you have been given a chance to be a closer in Indianapolis?

BW – I think it’s what any reliever wants to do. You want to be the guy at the end of the game, when no one’s going to bail you out. It’s just you, and hopefully you’re shaking the manager’s hands a couple of minutes later.

PD – Is it difficult for you to not pay attention to what's going on in Pittsburgh and not get caught up in that?

BW – I think all the guys kind of know whats going on and obviously the team is doing really well and we're happy for that, but at the same time we are all here for a reason which is to try and hopefully contribute in Pittsburgh, whether it be this season, next season whatever it may be and the way to do that is to continue to stay and keep your nose to the ground and try to get better.

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