Q&A with Pirates Jack Wilson

Pittsburgh Fans club reporter, George Von Benko is down in Florida looking over this years Pittsburgh Pirates team and happen to run into Jack Wilson. Wilson took some time and answered a few questions about this early look into 2005.

GVB-- Jack you started only your third spring training game against the Yankees on Wednesday since returning from an emergency appendectomy. How are you coming along?

Slowly but surely. I've got to get in here and get some games in and get some at bats and do as much as I can to get ready for the season.

GVB-- Manager Lloyd McClendon feels good about the corps of young players returning on this ball club. Does he have reason to be excited?

JW-- Oh, definately I think we played really well and we had pretty much the youngest team in the big leagues last year and we played real well and we had some stretches where we won a lot of games. We're just going to build on that, the young players are getting their time in and getting their feet wet in the big leagues last year and are now in their second year and we can expect a lot more from them and we have to keep the stuff going with older guys - myself and Craig (Wilson) and Mackowiak and feed off Mesa and Lawton.

GVB-- You have some quality young arms on the pitching staff will that be the strength of this team?

JW-- Definately our pitching is our strength and we're going to ride them and as long as their doing well we're going to win games. It's tough because it's all on them, but we're going to try and give them as much run support as we can.

GVB-- There is some healthy competition at camp and that never hurts.

JW-- You've got to love that, obviously the talk of camp is the fifth starting spot on the pitching staff and we've got a lot of good pitchers going for that spot and hopefully that spot will get filled and someone will go out there and do a great job for us.

GVB-- Give us a quick overview of the division and where the Pirates fit into that picture?

JW-- I think the top three or four teams have actually gotten weaker and that is kind of nice. They lost a lot of good players although they have a lot of good guys that came in as well - so they are not going to be losing teams. It's going to be a tough division.

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