Q&A with Mark Redman

<b>GVB-- </b>Spring training is winding down has it been a good spring for you? <br><br> <b>MR-- </b>I'm just getting the work in. I think we're all ready to start the season and get underway and have it mean something.

GVB-- You had a good outing in the intra squad game last week did you feel good?

MR-- It was just getting the work in. We had to deal with the rainout the other day so I just tried to go in there and get my work in and pitch out of some jams. For the most part I was happy about it.

GVB-- Give me your impressions of this team after you came over from Oakland? What do you think of this club?

MR-- They are young and energetic and it's a good group of guys and I look forward to having a fun season this year.

GVB-- Most observers feel that pitching is the bedrock of this team - do you agree?

MR-- I think the pitching is the bedrock of any team. It's going to take pitching and defense to win ball games and go into October so if you build the club around that eventually you're going to have some success.

GVB-- Ty Wiggington is very high on your acquisition he thinks you are going to be a great addition to this staff.

MR-- Personality wise I fit in right now and everyone is loose and having fun and we just leave it all out on the field and I'm looking forward to playing like that and having fun doing it.

GVB-- Quick comment about the Central Division where do you see Pittsburgh fitting in?

MR-- When clubs get rid of people and add people the chemistry gets messed around with a little bit and when a team stays within and builds the team with the young guys and adds here and there but not as much as what the Cubs or St. Louis might do it builds that unity within the clubhouse and that's what we had down in Florida to be honest when we won the World Series and I think if you build a club around that you are going to have a better chance of winning those close games.

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