Q&A with Ty Wigginton

<b>GVB: </b> Ty, Spring Training's been moving along. How's it been for you so far? <br><br> <b> Wigginton:</b> It's been good. I think at this point you really just want to focus on getting your fundamentals right and everything right at the plate.

You're really not too concerned about your results as much as you obviously will during the season and at the end of the spring. I think everything's going well, we're starting to play well as a team, and it's gonna come together.

GVB: We saw some flashes of what Ty Wigginton's all about when you came over in the late-season trade last year. I know you're hoping to be very productive this year and really be a stick in the middle of that lineup.

Wigginton: Yeah, definitely. I think that when you hit in the middle of the lineup, first and foremost, what comes to mind is RBIs. That's definitely, to me, all that matters, driving in those runs and scoring those runs. Those are really the only two stats the matter, and hopefully I'll come through with a big year for us.

GVB: You know, in talking to Lloyd McClendon during the off-season, this is the first time, really the first time in a while, that he's had a core of young players-there have always been changes, but there's a core this year that he's optimistic about.

Wigginton: I think it could be good. I think it's important that everybody knows their role and if you have a good idea going into spring, especially when spring breaks, what your role's gonna be and what your job's gonna be, you can really just focus on that aspect of the game and become the best player you can at it. When you have a lot of changes, your role's obviously going to change, where you hit in the lineup, that kind of stuff. Hopefully, that togetherness comes together.

GVB: A lot of focus on the pitching staff. There are a lot of quality arms at the top of that pitching staff, some people in the bullpen, and if a couple of pieces fall into place there, it could be an interesting staff.

Wigginton: Without a doubt. I think the most important guy there is obviously going to be Mark Redman. I was fortunate enough to see what he's capable of with the Marlins, playing against them over there in that Eastern Division, and I think he's going to be a huge addition to this team. You know, he's going to chew up a lot of innings and always keep you in the game. It's up to us to play the defense and hit the ball behind him.

GVB: As with every year coming in, it looks like the Pirates are an afterthought in the division, but if you look at what's happening in the division, the Cubs have lost some people, the Cardinals have lost some people, the Astros have lost some people, the Reds think they've improved their pitching staff although their ERA's up over 7.00 in Spring Training…there's an opportunity there.

Wigginton: Yeah, anytime you have guys like Oliver Perez and Kip Wells leading your rotation, good things can happen. Both of those guys have tremendous arms and tremendous ability. Hopefully, like I said earlier, we can play some good D and drive in some big runs for them when they're on the hill.

GVB: Ty, I really appreciate it.

Wigginton: Thank you.

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