Pirates Prospect Interview: Josh Harrison

Altoona Curve second baseman Josh Harrison is off to a solid start. Entering action on Friday the 22-year old infielder is batting .344 with seven RBI and ranks fifth in the Eastern League in batting. PiratesDugout.com's George Von Benko caught up with Harrison recently.

GVB -- Josh are you pleased with the start you've gotten off to this season?

JH -- Yes definitely anytime you can get off to a good start personally and as a team it's always good.

GVB -- What has been the key to your quick start at the plate?

JH -- Mainly I'm just trying to see as many pitches as I can and work the pitcher. I have had a little bit of help from the guys hitting in front of me and I've had a chance because of that to see the pitcher's tendencies. We as a team have an approach where we go up looking for a pitch in our zone and if the pitch is not there we can lay off of it.

GVB -- I know you played a couple of games at third, but they have used you mostly at second base – is that correct?

JH -- I've played the majority of games at second and I've only played at third base twice so far>

GVB -- Have you been pleased with the way you have played defensively?

JH -- Yes I'm feeling a lot better with the more reps that I get and I'm getting more comfortable.

GVB -- You have the ability to play at second, third and in the outfield. Is that versatility a good thing to have?

JH -- Yeah, I played a little bit of outfield when I was in college and even last year. It's always been part of my game ever since I got to college being able to move around and I kind of had to get used to it. I've always felt that it helps the manager out because certain times he can afford to throw me in at a different place.

GVB -- You went to the Instructional League, what were some of the things they had you work on?

JH -- For the most part it was just becoming more comfortable at second base because I had played there that much. Just getting the feel of the whole organization and learning the faces and getting acclimated with the system and the way that they run things.

GVB -- You came over from the Cubs organization late in the season, how are you adjusting to the new organization?

JH -- The adjustment is going pretty good. We've got a great group of guys and we all want to win here in Altoona and that makes it easy when you come in and you all have the same goals.

GVB -- You won the championship last year at Lynchburg. Was that a lot of fun and a great learning experience?

JH -- I think that's one of the reasons why we done so well so far. We kind of have maybe a little less than half the guys that were on the team last year in Lynchburg, to add on to the guys that were already here and we have the goal that we want to win and we have a great team concept. It helps when you have a team that jells together and you all want to win.

GVB -- You are playing at Double A this season. Are you happy with your progress and do you have a timetable for trying to make it to the big leagues?

JH -- It's just one of those things where I've been fortunate enough to have this opportunity. The timetable is out of my hands. I just want to go out every day and do what I have to do in order to help my teammates and focus on the task at hand, and if that involves me being called up it does. I really don't worry about that; at the end of the day we all know we have no control over that. We're all just trying to enjoy it because they say the game goes fast and I just want to try to win as much as possible before it's all over

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