Jose Tabata Q&A

Pirates rookie outfielder Jose Tabata is batting .386 since the All Star break with one home run and eight RBI. He has raised his season batting average to .281 with two home runs, 14 RBI and 10 steals. Tabata was called up from Triple A Indianapolis on June 9.'s George Von Benko spoke with Tabata recently.

GVB -- Are you happy with the way you have been playing?

JT -- Yeah, I'm feeling good. In the beginning I had a couple problems with my hamstring early on, but I feel good right now.

GVB -- Do you like your new home PNC Park?

JT -- It's beautiful. I played here before in 2006 in Futures Game, but it's different now – like wow I'm here in the big leagues.

GVB -- Have you been able to relax and settle into a routine?

JT -- Yeah, I feel relaxed and I feel like I'm with family. Everybody is like family. Everything is good.

GVB -- You've played a lot since your call up – do you feel like you've had a taste of everything?

JT -- Yes, for me it's a different pace. It is fast it's been good.

GVB -- Hitting lefties was difficult at Triple A, how are you adjusting to lefties at the big league level?

JT -- At Triple A it was a little difficult for me, but you can see the ball better here and you are more comfortable. I think I will do a good job here.

GVB -- I think everyone was surprised by your speed. That's a big part of your game isn't it?

JT -- Some people are surprised because last year I was fat and slow. This year I'm working a lot on my weight and in the weight room and I think right now I feel like the guy that was with the Yankees. I will continue to work on that.

GVB -- You have been consistent with good at bats the past month. What has changed in your approach at the plate?

JT -- I think it is the way we are watching video and getting more focused on the pitchers that we are going to face. We go to the video and put everything together. We also talk to each other and ask what you think about this guy and what does this guy have and that has made a difference.

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