Pirates Prospect Interview: Quincy Latimore

Outfielder Quincy Latimore was selected by the Pirates in the fourth round of the 2007 draft. The 21-year old outfielder has put up good numbers this season at Class A Bradenton. Entering play on Saturday Latimore is batting .261 with 11 home runs and 71 RBI. PiratesDugout.com's George Von Benko caught up with Latimore recently.

GVB -- Are you pleased with the way things have been going for you this year?

QL -- Yeah, I'm pleased with how the season is going so far. I definitely would like to have a better average, but I've been coming through with runners on base and driving them in. I've just got to be happy with that and just continue to strive towards taking more walks and not swinging and trying to create stuff and let it happen, take what they give me.

GVB -- Are you talking about more patience at the plate. You've got 107 strikeouts and I know you want to cut down on that – right?

QL -- Definitely it is, I've been getting myself out a lot. Trying to make things happen instead of letting it happen, instead of just taking that walk and what they give me, I'll get over anxious and try to make stuff happen and that's what is making the strikeouts increase. I just have to get some patience and let the game come to me and stop trying to make stuff happen.

GVB -- Let's talk about your defense, are you pleased with how that part of your game is coming along?

QL -- I have maybe five or six errors this year and they are all just errors that happen sometimes. As far as misplaying balls which is what I did last year at West Virginia, I haven't had any of that and I've been playing some center and primarily left field, but I'm very pleased with my defense and I have a good amount of assists. I've made some nice plays out there and the outfield coordinators and field coordinators have all been pleased with me this year.

GVB -- What about throwing the ball, I guess that has improved greatly, correct?

QL -- Yes, I can say I have an average throwing arm now. I think anyone would agree with that now. I got on a good program of everyday stretching and doing shoulder drills. It's been coming along real well.

GVB -- The big thing is you've managed to stay healthy. Bradenton has really had bad luck with injuries.

QL -- We have, we don't have the team we had at the start of the season. We've had about five guys get hurt – Starling Marte, Jeremy Farrell, Brock Holt, Tony Sanchez and Eric Fryer who just came back. That hurt us in a big way. All those guys are big bats in our lineup. It's been extremely unfortunate.

GVB -- The numbers particularly RBI wise have been great. Have you thought about moving up to Double A or do you try not to think about that?

QL -- Of course you think about it. I can't worry about it, but I would like to finish the year in Altoona. I want the challenge, maybe in the next week or two and I can play that last month there. Those guys are in first place right now and are going to be in the playoffs. I think I could go up there and help those guys out. Gorkys Hernandez broke his hand so I really think I could go up there and help those guys out. If that happens we'll just go from there.

GVB -- Are you pleased with the progress you've made through the Pirates system?

QL -- I'm pleased, my goal was to make sure I was promoted at least one a year and try not to repeat a level. Definitely knocking out two in one year would be a great thing. Then next year I could start in Altoona and then get to Indianapolis maybe at the halfway point. That would be great, if not if I just went and played a season at each level I would be happy with that, because that was my initial goal when I was drafted. Right now I'm pleased with it. I'm just looking forward to improving every year and I feel like I've done that.

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