Compensatory Picks Leave Teams Wanting

A limited number of teams will receive compensatory picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. Of the teams that landed comp picks, the Ravens, Falcons each get four.

Ravens, Falcons get 4 compensatory picks
Updated: March 18, 2013

PHOENIX (AP) — Win a Super Bowl, get rewarded in the draft.

That's what happened to the Baltimore Ravens, who on Monday were awarded four compensatory picks in April's draft.

The Atlanta Falcons also got four selections for free agents they lost in 2012.

San Francisco, which lost 34-31 to Baltimore for the NFL title, will get three picks, as will Tennessee.

Compensatory selections have been awarded since 1994 to teams losing more or better free agents than it acquires in the previous year. Baltimore lost Ben Grubbs, Jarret Johnson, Brandon McKinney, Haruki Nakamura, Cory Redding and Tom Zbikowski, and signed Sean Considine and Corey Graham.

Atlanta lost Kelvin Hayden, Curtis Lofton, James Sanders and Eric Weems while it didn't sign anyone in 2012.

The highest compensatory pick of the 32 awarded this year is Houston's at No. 95 overall, followed by Kansas City at No. 96 and the Titans with the 97th spot.

The Texans saw star defensive end Mario Williams sign with Buffalo, while the Chiefs lost top cornerback Brandon Carr to Dallas, and the Titans had CB Cortland Finnegan go to St. Louis.

Collecting two picks apiece will be Houston, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami and Seattle.

Green Bay, Indianapolis, the New York Giants, Oakland, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh each received one selection. The Colts' compensatory slot will be the final pick, No. 254.

Since 1994, Baltimore has received the most compensatory choices, 37, followed by Green Bay with 30. Houston and Cleveland have gotten the least, six, but the Browns entered the league in 1999 and the Texans in 2002.

Here's the list of picks awarded:

Rd No./Overall  Team
3    33/95      Houston Texans
3    34/96      Kansas City Chiefs
3    35/97      Tennessee Titans
4    33/130     Baltimore Ravens
4    34/131     San Francisco 49ers
4    35/132     Detroit Lions
4    36/133     Atlanta Falcons
5    33/166     Miami Dolphins
5    34/167     Green Bay Packers
5    35/168     Baltimore Ravens
6    33/201     Houston Texans
6    34/202     Tennessee Titans
6    35/203     Baltimore Ravens
6    36/204     Kansas City Chiefs
6    37/205     Oakland Raiders
6    38/206     Pittsburgh Steelers
7    33/239     Philadelphia Eagles
7    34/240     Cincinnati Bengals
7    35/241     Seattle Seahawks
7    36/242     Seattle Seahawks
7    37/243     Atlanta Falcons
7    38/244     Atlanta Falcons
7    39/245     Detroit Lions
7    40/246     San Francisco 49ers
7    41/247     Baltimore Ravens
7    42/248     Tennessee Titans
7    43/249     Atlanta Falcons
7    44/250     Miami Dolphins
7    45/251     Cincinnati Bengals
7    46/252     San Francisco 49ers
7    47/253     New York Giants
7    48/254     Indianapolis Colts

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