UCLA in George's Top Three

Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College linebacker Claude George is planning on take visits over the summer, and UCLA is among his top three...

Hutchinson (KS) C.C. linebacker Claude George is about to embark on his sophomore season in the junior college ranks. The class of 2015 prospect has a great burst off the edge and his skill is beginning to make the rounds as college programs are taking notice of what he brings to the table.

"I was originally committed to Memphis," he pointed out. "It didnt work out for me and I had to go the junior college route. One of my teammates was already at Hutchinson so that made sense for me."

"The college attention has been pretty recent," George added. "My first offer came a month ago. The second offer was two weeks ago. A third offer came yesterday.

The offers for George have come from Louisana-Lafayette, Memphis, and South Alabama. The Tigers have been with the star-studded linebacker since day one and that could have an impact moving forward.

"I picked to go to Memphis because I liked the program a lot," he noted. "I had a chance to go in and start as a freshman so that was the biggest reason I chose to go there."

"They offered again and that is pretty humbling for them to still want me even though I didn't get a chance to play," George continued. "It shows a lot about how much I mean to them. I keep them in mind because of that."

Interest in the Hutchinson linebacker hasn't been limited to the three schools that have offered. Four BCS programs have also inquired on the junior college standout.

"I've received interest from UCLA, Arizona State, Miami, and Arkansas as well," George told Scout. "I spoke to Arizona State last night. They told me how much I would mean to them and want me to visit the campus. I think they are definitely close to offering."

UCLA's history of producing linebackers has them in position to be a threat as well if they move forward with an offer for George.

"It has been going pretty good with them," he said of the Bruins. "I have been on the phone with a couple coaches. They are going to come out here in the Spring to evaluate me and check me out. I'm very interested in them. It's a great program known for how they develop their linebackers."

Miami has shown a ton of interest in many of the Hutchinson prospects and George has taken notice of that.

"I'm pretty interested in them because it is the University of Miami," he mentioned. "It's a great program. They have a lot of successful history. This is the most they've been interested in our school. They found me out from watching Marquavius Lewis on film. They got interested from that."

The Razorbacks were the first program that reached out to George.

"I spoke with Arkansas a few weeks ago," he stated. "They were the first school to recognize me and get in contact. I really like them and having them being from the SEC is attractive."

"I'll be taking visits in May or later on in the summer. I know I want to check out Miami, Arkansas, and UCLA. Those are my top three."

Florida State and Clemson are two other programs George would like to hear from.

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