Matheny's quick hitters – Wednesday, April 23

Summarizing St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny's comments before and after his club's Wednesday game in New York.

Pre-game remarks

On Adam Wainwright: Watched him in weight room doing leg workouts. Movements look right. (Tuesday night) it just gave out on him. Good thing he did prep work on stability with (trainer) Pete Prinzi to get strengthened for the long haul. Otherwise, it could have been worse. Still too early to commit that Wainwright will make his next start (but he remains the published starter at home on Sunday against Pittsburgh).

On Matt Adams out of the lineup: He took a tumble (on same play as Wainwright was injured). A little sore. Good opportunity (with left-handed pitcher) to give him a day off.

On Mark Ellis batting second: Has been taking good at-bats. Fourth spot in lineup is one that Craig can fill. Then looked at not messing with others in lineup. (Craig had been hitting second recently.)

On Matt Holliday's defense: Has seen some of his best plays already this season. Going to get the ball. If he makes a mistake, it will be aggressive. Made good play to block ball in front of him at the last moment (Tuesday night). One of the better throwers. Good arm. Mindset is important.

On Jhonny Peralta (who is 0-for-17): Saw a hard-hit ball to left field and two walks from him (Tuesday night). Timing is right. Getting frustrated but time is close. Will work out. Stay the course.

On Tyler Lyons pitching the sixth Monday night: Was one left-handed reliever short. Good matchups at that point. Not a lot of double-switches available then.

Post-game remarks

On ninth inning challenge: Catcher blocked the plate. Had the ball. Didn't look at replay. Didn't have a choice. Had to ask for a look. Took perfectly executed cutoff and relay. Have had a few of them against us.

On the offense (11 hits, 2 runs): Had a lot of hits, but not able to get big hits. Did good in situational hitting in past. Little things are difference in 1-run games.

On starter Michael Wacha: Michael had a rough day. Tried to make minor adjustments but didn't work. Walks and pitch count ran him from game. Was a little bit side-to-side, then had brilliantly executed pitches. Will have days when not having best stuff.

On the wind, gusting from 31 to 41 mph: Have pitched in wind before, played in wind. Not ideal conditions, but both teams played in it.

On Jhonny Peralta (failed with two RISP and one out in eighth): He is frustrated. Trying to make something big happen. Have to be prepared to take what they give you even if taking an out to get a run. It would have been a big run. Just couldn't get it done.

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