Rangers Q&A with John Mayberry

After a red-hot second half with Single-A Clinton last summer, John Mayberry hopes to build on his success in 2007. Scout.com's Dave Sanford sat down with the outfielder on Thursday afternoon.

Dave Sanford: You hit a grand slam off of (Royals prospect) Matt Campbell today. Tell me about that.

John Mayberry: It was a fastball on the first pitch. He was probably looking to get ahead and I was just looking to stay relaxed, stay within myself, get a good pitch and try to drive it.

DS: You had a great season in the Hawaiian Winter League. What were you working on there and what else did you do to get ready for this season?

JM: I tried to get stronger and continued to work on my rhythm and timing and the little things that we've had to tweak over my short professional career. I'm trying to build upon those things.

DS: How are you feeling this spring? Do you think you'll be able to carry over your hot second half into this year?

JM: I hope so. I'm just trying to stay consistent and come up with a routine that works and I'm trying to stick with it.

DS: What are you working on at the plate right now?

JM: The first couple of days, you're just trying to get back in the swing of things, get your timing back, and get your eye back at the plate so you're not chasing bad pitches. It's pretty fundamental at this point.

DS: Where do you think the Rangers will send you to start the season?

JM: I'm working out with the (High-A) Bakersfield team, so all signs indicate that I might be starting out there.

DS: What do you hope to accomplish this year? Do you have any personal goals?

JM: Just to stay consistent and things will hopefully happen for the best from there.

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