Lone Star Dugout Q&A: Andrew Laughter

The Rangers selected Louisiana-Lafayette product Andrew Laughter with their 10th round draft pick on Friday afternoon. Lone Star Dugout spoke with the 6-foot-5 reliever about his collegiate career, his repertoire, and his plans with the Rangers, among other things.

The Texas Rangers picked 6-foot-5 pitcher Andrew Laughter with their 10th round draft pick on Friday afternoon.

The Louisiana-Lafayette product posted a 3-1 record with a 2.80 ERA in 18 relief appearances with the Ragin' Cajuns this season. In 35 1/3 innings, he surrendered 39 hits while walking eight and fanning 25.

Lone Star Dugout spoke with the native of Longwood, Florida, on Friday afternoon.

Jason Cole: Can you talk about what it means for you to be drafted by the Rangers today?

Andrew Laughter: I've heard nothing but good things about the Rangers organization. I've met with Randy Taylor, the regional scout. He's been watching me all year. We always had good conversations. I'm really excited to get the opportunity to play professional baseball, especially with the Texas Rangers organization.

Cole: You mentioned that you talked to the Rangers quite a bit before the draft, but how much have you talked to them since they picked you today?

Laughter: I had just one phone call right after I was drafted. Randy Taylor called me and said that they had picked me up in the 10th round. That was about it.

Cole: How familiar are you with the Rangers organization?

Laughter: Not too familiar just because I'm from Florida. But I know a little bit about them.

Cole: What team did you follow growing up?

Laughter: Mostly the Braves just because they were on TV so much here.

Cole: Can you tell me what the best moment in your baseball career has been?

Laughter: My best moment personally was when we won the conference championship at home this year. I was on the mound finishing up the game and we got to dogpile. That was definitely my most special moment so far.

Cole: Were you happy with the way you pitched this year?

Laughter: Yeah, I was happy with the way I pitched. I felt like I did a pretty good job of helping my team win whenever I had the chance to. I was happy with the season and I don't really have any regrets.

Cole: Can you talk about your repertoire on the mound?

Laughter: My main pitch is a fastball. It's about 91-92 MPH on average and it'll get up to 93-94 on a good day. I also have a slider, which is right around 83-84 MPH. That's my out pitch and my strikeout pitch. I'm also developing a changeup right now. It's a little inconsistent, but it is coming along. I'm not really sure what the velocity is like on that pitch because I haven't thrown it enough to get a consistent number. But that's developing for me.

Cole: You were a relief pitcher this season. Do you expect to continue coming out of the bullpen after you sign with the Rangers?

Laughter: That's what I'm good at. I have the mentality of a reliever when I come into the game. Whatever they want me to do, I'll be more than happy to work with them and I'll try to do the best at whatever they need me to do.

Cole: As a college senior, do you expect to sign fairly soon?

Laughter: Yeah, I do. I was just pretty much coming into the draft looking for an opportunity. I know this is really my only shot. I don't have the option to negotiate. I'm pretty much going to sign quickly.

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