Lone Star Dugout Q&A: Drew Pomeranz

After battling tendonitis issues early in his senior season, left-handed pitcher Drew Pomeranz finished strong. The native of Tennessee was drafted by the Rangers in the 12th round on Friday afternoon. Lone Star Dugout has an exclusive interview with the 6-foot-5 hurler.

The Texas Rangers picked left-handed pitcher Drew Pomeranz with their 12th round pick on Friday afternoon.

Pomeranz, a 6-foot-5 product of Collierville High School in Tennessee, figures to be a tough sign for the Rangers, as he has signed a letter of intent to attend the University of Mississippi. Lone Star Dugout interviewed the pitcher shortly after he was drafted.

Jason Cole: Can you talk about what it means to be drafted by the Rangers?

Drew Pomeranz: Getting drafted is always an honor. If someone thinks enough of you to use one of their picks on you, it's a great thing. Hopefully it's all going to work out and I'll end up with the Rangers.

Cole: How much did you know about the Rangers organization before today?

Pomeranz: Not a whole lot. I didn't really expect them to be the team to draft me because they didn't talk to me as much as some of the other teams did. But they had been in to see me before.

Cole: How much did you talk to the Rangers before the draft?

Pomeranz: Not much. They never indicated that they were going to draft me. They called before the draft just like every other team.

Cole: How much have you talked with them since they picked you?

Pomeranz: They called me right after they picked me to say that they had drafted me. They want to follow me this summer and see how well I do and we'll go from there.

Cole: Where are you going to be playing this summer?

Pomeranz: I'm going to be playing for Dulin's Dodgers. They're a summer team in Memphis.

Cole: Where you drafted about where you expected to go?

Pomeranz: I was hearing that I would go between rounds three-to-five or three-to-six. But I guess it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't worry about the round anyway because it's more about the money.

Cole: What would you say has been your best moment as a baseball player so far?

Pomeranz: I would say being named a preseason All American last year and being an All American last season.

Cole: Were you happy with the way you performed this year in high school?

Pomeranz: I didn't have the greatest senior season. I actually had a better junior season. I struggled at the beginning of this year when I had some tendonitis that was just bugging me. Once I got rid of that, everything got a lot better.

Cole: Are you fully healthy now?

Pomeranz: Oh yeah, I'm healthy. I was probably fully healthy for the last half of the season.

Cole: Can you talk about what pitches you throw and the speeds you typically work at?

Pomeranz: My fastball is around 88-91 MPH and it can touch 92 and 93. I also throw a normal circle changeup and a knuckle-curve.

Cole: Which would you consider to be your best pitch?

Pomeranz: My out-pitch would pretty much be my curveball.

Cole: You signed with Ole Miss. What led you to sign with them?

Pomeranz: I've always liked them growing up. My dad went there, but that's not the main reason that I chose them. They've been one game away from the College World Series two years in a row and it's a good program that seems to be getting better and better every year.

Cole: Can you talk about your chances of signing with the Rangers versus ending up at Ole Miss?

Pomeranz: I guess it all depends on how my summer goes. If I have a good summer they could get really interested in me. If they come up with the right number then I could sign. I guess it'll all work out, but it really just depends on how well I perform this summer.

Cole: Your older brother Stuart was a second round pick of the Cardinals a few years ago. What advice has he given you?

Pomeranz: He was drafted a little bit higher, but he's basically told me that it's good if it works out, but if it doesn't, I can go to Ole Miss for three years and come out higher than him maybe.

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