Lone Star Dugout Q&A: Michael Main

The Texas Rangers selected outfielder/pitcher Michael Main with the 24th overall pick in the 2007 MLB draft on Thursday. Lone Star Dugout has an exclusive interview with the native of Deltona, Florida.

The Texas Rangers selected ultra-talented two-way player Michael Main with the 24th overall pick on Thursday afternoon.

Many scouts believe Main can become an impact player at the plate, in the oufield, or on the mound. Though the Rangers are expected to use him as a pitcher, nothing has been officially announced.

Lone Star Dugout spoke with the Florida native shortly after he was drafted on Thursday.

Jason Cole: What are your thoughts on being drafted #24 overall by the Texas Rangers?

Michael Main: I'm ecstatic about it. It's unbelievable. This is what I've worked for and I'm just relieved. I'm happy to be a Texas Ranger. It's a great day.

Cole: How much did you know about the Texas Rangers organization before being drafted by them?

Main: Not a whole lot, actually. They kind of came on late and showed a lot of interest a little bit later on.

Cole: Did you talk to the Rangers at all before they picked you?

Main: My advisor had been talking to them since yesterday. Between today and yesterday, they probably talked about 12 or 13 times. There was a lot of contact between them.

Cole: Have you talked to anyone in the Rangers organization since being drafted?

Main: Yeah, I talked to the area scout. I've setup a teleconference for later tonight.

Cole: Growing up, what major league team did you follow?

Main: I never really had a favorite team. I always had a favorite player. I liked Ken Griffey, Jr. growing up, but when he got hurt I transitioned to Torii Hunter. I really like the Twins. They are a good hustle team and they don't really have a whole lot of superstars. They just win a lot of games. But I think I mostly like the Twins because of Torii Hunter.

Cole: Did you sign with a college?

Main: Yes, I signed with Florida State.

Cole: You've been a well known prospect since you were 15-years-old. Does that put any extra pressure on you?

Main: Not really. It's kind of been the same way this year. There were a lot of scouts at all of our games. I just went out and played the way I know how to play. That's what has gotten me to this point.

Cole: Do you expect to be a pitcher or position player when you take the next step to professional ball?

Main: I actually don't know. They've kind of shown interest and haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet. I think they're leaning a little more towards the pitching side of it, but I'm not sure on any of that.

Cole: Do you prefer one over the other?

Main: No, it wouldn't matter to me at all.

Cole: On the mound, can you talk about what pitches you throw and the speeds you generally work at?

Main: I throw a fastball, a curveball, and a changeup. This year, my fastball has been 97 MPH at the highest and it's normally around 94. My curveball is around 78-79 MPH and the changeup is 81-82.

Cole: Which pitch do you consider to be your best?

Main: Probably my fastball. That's what I work off of. That's what I use the most and that's really what has gotten me to this point.

Cole: Which pitch would you say needs the most work right now?

Main: Probably my changeup. I didn't throw it a whole lot this year because of the level of competition. It would have favored them and sped up the bats of most high school players. But when I threw it against some of the better teams, it really got me out of jams and fooled hitters. I think if I work on that pitch, it'll help me advance to the next level.

Cole: Going to the field, is there a position that you're most comfortable playing?

Main: Probably centerfield.

Cole: You mentioned Torii Hunter earlier. How important to you is being a good defensive centerfielder?

Main: That's the reason I like Torii Hunter. He goes out there and hustles everyday and makes plays that guys would normally just let fall in. It's just extra support for your team and it helps them win.

Cole: Can you talk a little about your approach at the plate?

Main: I'm more of a contact hitter. I'm not known for power. I'm more of a line-drive hitter that tries to go gap-to-gap. I try to use my speed to get extra base hits.

Cole: Assuming you sign with the Rangers, have you set any goals for your first year in professional ball?

Main: Not yet. I'm just trying to get through today. It's just an unbelievable day. I really haven't even really thought about playing yet. We're just trying to get this over with, but I'm sure I'll start focusing on playing again and getting back out on the field.

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