Lone Star Dugout Q&A: Kyle O'Campo

The Texas Rangers drafted right-handed pitcher Kyle O'Campo in the 13th round last Friday. Lone Star Dugout has an exclusive interview with the 18-year-old hurler.

The Texas Rangers drafted right-handed pitcher Kyle O'Campo in the 13th round during the second day of the MLB Draft last Friday.

A native of Riverside, California, O'Campo has signed a letter of intent to play collegiate baseball at national power Cal State Fullerton. Despite the commitment, the pitcher says he expects to sign with the Rangers.

Lone Star Dugout caught up with O'Campo shortly after he was drafted last week.

Jason Cole: Can you talk about what it means to you to be drafted by the Rangers?

Kyle O'Campo: Yeah, it's just a lifelong dream come true. I've always wanted to be a big league player and I'm really thankful to the Rangers for giving me an opportunity.

Cole: Did you get picked about where you expected to go in the draft?

O'Campo: No, not really. I talked to them in the earlier rounds, in the third round actually. They called me and we just weren't really on the same page. But I talked to my advisors and it all worked out.

Cole: How much did you talk with the Rangers before the draft?

O'Campo: I talked to them a lot. They were probably the most interested team. I had some bad outings early in the year and a couple of teams kind of gave up on me. The Rangers brought in a big guy and I had an A-game, so the Rangers were really interested in me the whole year.

Cole: How much have you spoken with them since you were drafted?

O'Campo: I talked to them a couple of times on the phone.

Cole: How much do you know about the Rangers organization?

O'Campo: I just know it's going to be my home, so that's enough for me.

Cole: You signed with Cal State Fullerton. What are the chances of you signing with the Rangers versus becoming a Titan?

O'Campo: They're good, they're really good. I want to be a big league ballplayer and I'm ready to start. There are just a couple of things that we need to get on the right page and then I'll be ready to go.

Cole: Can you tell me about your best moment as a baseball player so far?

O'Campo: Definitely today.

Cole: Were you happy with the way you pitched this year?

O'Campo: Honestly no. I feel like I lost myself quite a bit of money. I didn't do well at the beginning of the year, but I ended strong and I'm happy that the Rangers were able to see that.

Cole: Can you talk about what pitches you throw and the speeds you typically work at?

O'Campo: My fastball sits between 90-95 MPH. I also throw a slider, a curveball, and a changeup.

Cole: What would you consider to be your best pitch right now?

O'Campo: Besides my fastball, it's definitely my slider.

Cole: Which pitch do you think could use the most work?

O'Campo: Probably my changeup. I think I'll definitely need it at the professional level to keep hitters off balance.

Cole: How did you develop as a pitcher during your senior year of high school?

O'Campo: Every year of high school I've come out throwing a couple miles per hour harder. I definitely feel like I've developed well. I've had no arm problems. I threw five complete games and never had any arm soreness.

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