Main looks to add weight

First round pick Michael Main spent a month at fall instructional league after a successful professional debut in Arizona and Spokane. Lone Star Dugout spoke with the right-handed pitcher about his experience at instructs and his plans for the remainder of the offseason.

"I thought it went really well," said Michael Main his experience at fall instructional league. "The whole time I was there it was very informative and it was a really good atmosphere. It was a relaxed, but extremely focused atmosphere. There was a really good teaching process the whole time."

The Rangers used the month-long instructional league as a way to promote a positive atmosphere through various team-building activities. One of the goals was to get the players – who will be working together through their professional career – accustomed with one another, no matter their cultural background.

Because Main got to spend time in both Arizona and Spokane this past season, he already knew quite a few of the players at instructs.

"I had been out to Arizona and then up to Spokane so I knew some of the guys," he said. "I think there were seven or eight guys there from Spokane and then there was a couple from Rookie League. But for some of those guys it was the first time [I had met them]."

But the majority of the focus at instructionals was on the field, where 35 of the Rangers' top young prospects worked to refine their skills. That was no different for Main, who continued to work on his mechanics and changeup while in Arizona.

"They just kind of changed my delivery to the plate and all the pitchers worked on changeups," replied Main. "But my delivery to the plate was the main focus."

The Florida native appeared in four games at instructs, totaling nine innings. He came away satisfied with the changes made and felt he was able to adjust well.

"I really like the changes they had me go through," said Main. "Everything was pretty successful once I got everything down and smoothed out."

A first round pick in the 2007 draft, Main entered the Rangers' organization with a mid-90's fastball and a solid curveball. The 18-year-old has worked to bring his third pitch – a changeup – up to par since signing with the Rangers this past summer.

"I think [my changeup] improved a little bit," he said. "But I'm still going to have to work on it and it's definitely going to be a focus for me."

Now in the midst of his first offseason as a pro, Main will soon begin a throwing program the Rangers have assigned for him.

"I've just kind of briefly looked into it," said Main of the throwing program. "The first month is just getting back into throwing and then you work your way into long distances and then you work your way into bullpens."

Before the right-hander begins throwing, he plans on adding some weight to his 6-foot-2, 170-pound frame.

"I'm just working out and staying in shape," said Main of his offseason plan. "I haven't thrown since instructs, but the throwing program that we have starts in December. I'm just pretty much staying in shape and trying to gain a little weight."

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