Davis rehabbing foot injury

After a breakout season in the Rangers organization, third baseman Chris Davis had his Arizona Fall League season cut short due to a nagging foot injury. Lone Star Dugout spoke with Davis about his injury, rehab, and plans for the remainder of the offseason.

Power-hitting third baseman Chris Davis earned a trip to the Arizona Fall League after he batted .297 with 36 home runs and 118 RBI in 129 games between High-A Bakersfield and Double-A Frisco in 2007. Unfortunately, the 21-year-old had his Fall League campaign cut to just four games due to a foot injury. Lone Star Dugout was able to chat with Davis about his injury and his plans for the remainder of the offseason.

Jason Cole: Was it a foot injury that pulled you out of the Fall League?

Chris Davis: Basically I had an extra bone in my right foot and it had been bothering me all season. They finally decided to have surgery a few weeks ago. All they did was go in there – they cut the side of my foot, removed that bone, and re-attached the tendon to the bottom of my foot with a screw. It wasn't a really big deal; it's just going to be kind of a maintenance thing. Hopefully I'll be ready to go here by the middle of December. I want to start lifting weights and doing all that by January 1st.

Cole: Is there going to be any kind of long rehab process going into next year?

Davis: That's something we talked about before we had the surgery. I wanted to know what the long term effects of this were. It's going to help; it's not going to hurt anything. It was probably the best thing to have it during the offseason. I was able to play during the season. But the big reason we did it was so I wouldn't have any long-term injury and I wouldn't be playing with pain. I'll be 110 percent now and hopefully I'll be a little more agile, a little bit more mobile than I was this last season. It's just one of those things that had to be done, kind of a freak thing. Once the rehab is over in the middle of December I'll be good to go to where I don't even need to think about it.

Cole: How much did that injury bother you during the season?

Davis: It was kind of a constant pain throughout the whole season. I told our head trainer that I felt it more at the end of May. That's really when it started bothering me. It was one of those things where I didn't know if I was sore. I didn't want to say anything. I kept playing through it and – towards the end of the season obviously my body was more fatigued – it bothered me a little bit more. It was one of those things you kind of have to play with. Obviously I'm glad I made the decision to keep playing.

Cole: Was there anything in particular that happened in the Fall League that caused you to have the surgery?

Davis: I think it was just the fact that I've played so many games and the fact that my body was tired. I had about a week off in between the end of the season and the Fall League. It was just one of those points in time where my body was telling me that it needed to be taken care of. It was to the point where I couldn't walk normally and I couldn't run very well. I think it was just that point in time where my body was telling me something needed to be done and we took the right steps to get it done. We're looking forward now.

Cole: You only got to play in four games at the Fall League, but what were your thoughts on your performance there?

Davis: It was hard to play every couple of days, take three or four days off, and then keep competing. For me, I'm one of those guys that feels like I have to play everyday to get in a rhythm and stay focused. But that's a great league and obviously the best competition there. I saw a lot of good pitching and I felt like it would have been more beneficial to me if I were to have been able to play everyday, but that wasn't the case. I'm glad I got to spend four or five games with the team. I was actually there for a little bit longer and I got to know those guys. They were good guys. I think it was a very enjoyable experience for me, but obviously I would have liked to play in more games.

Cole: Were you working on anything either at the plate or in the field while you were in Arizona?

Davis: I think the big concern – and it's on everybody's mind – is my defense. That is my number one priority this offseason. I want to sharpen that. I want to get to where it's not a concern with anybody else. That's what I worked hard on with Dave Anderson, our fielding coordinator. I just kind of did little things to keep my swing where it was. I don't necessarily think there was anything wrong with it other than the fact that my body was getting a little tired. I think defense is the big thing with me and it's going to be at the top of my list until I can get it taken care of. That's what we focused on.

Cole: Now that you're into your offseason, what will you be doing to get ready for spring training?

Davis: I was actually up in Arizona this last couple of weeks. I was just kind of doing some rehab stuff. I'm actually still in a cast, so there's really not much I can do other than some upper body lifts or maybe some light leg. I plan on going back up there after my rehab is done around January 7th. I want to work on footwork, mobility, and getting ready to hopefully make the step up this year. I think obviously the main concern is for me to get a little bit quicker, a little bit faster. Hopefully that will relate to more positive things in the field.

Cole: You mentioned possibly making the step up. Have the Rangers told you what their plans are for you next year?

Davis: They've kind of told me what their outline is for the '08 season. Basically I believe they want me to start out in Frisco. This spring training is really important for me to be able to maybe turn some heads and give some guys an opportunity to see me play who haven't had a chance to. It is what it is. I'm going to keep playing hard no matter what.

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