2009 Rangers Draft Picks

Welcome to the Texas Rangers' 2009 MLB Draft database at Lone Star Dugout. Here, you will find all of the Rangers' draft picks listed, whether they have signed, and links to interviews we did with the players.

Players in bold italics have signed a contract with the Rangers. Clicking on the blue link will take you to an interview with the player.

1. Matt Purke, LHP
1s. Tanner Scheppers, RHP
2. Tom Mendonca, 3B (Free)
3. Robbie Erlin, LHP (Free)
4. Andrew Doyle, RHP
5. Nick McBride, RHP
6. Ruben Sierra, CF
7. Braxton Lane, CF (Free)
8. Braden Tullis, RHP
9. Jabari Blash, RF
10. Tom Lemke, RHP
11. Johnny Gunter, RHP
12. Vin DiFazio, C
13. Justin Jamison, RHP
14. Chad Bell, LHP
15. Keith Campbell, RHP
16. Michael Revell, 3B
17. Paul Strong, LHP
18. Michael Schaaf, RHP
19. David Boyd, 3B
20. Jerome Werniuk, RHP
21. Chris Matlock, RHP
22. Sam Brown, RHP
23. Danny Lima, SS
24. Shawn Blackwell, RHP
25. Riley Cooper, RF
26. Kevin Castner, RHP
27. Aaron Barrett, RHP
28. Derek Law, RHP
29. Charles Watson, LHP
30. Bryan Fogle, RF
31. Shon Landry, SS
32. Reggie Williams, CF
33. Kyle Rhoad, CF
34. Jared Prince, OF
35. Tim Butler, RHP
36. Matt Carasiti, RHP
37. Charlie Nading, RHP
38. Anthony Hutting, OF
39. Jabari Henry, RF
40. Taylor Vail, 3B
41. Forrest Garrett, LHP
42. Shane Zegarac, LHP
43. Joe Bonadonna, CF
44. Tyler Christman, RHP
45. Dale Anderson, C
46. Jerad Grundy, LHP
47. Tyler Higgins, RHP
48. Cole Frenzel, 3B
49. Catlan Kendrick, RHP
50. Ronald Melendez, CF

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