2007 Draft Day Interview Archives

Welcome to the Lone Star Dugout draft day interview archives for the 2007 MLB Draft. Here you will find all the interviews we did with Rangers draftees on and surrounding the day of the 2007 draft. Some features are premium while some are free previews. Features are listed in order of the Rangers' picks, from first round to 50th.

1st: Blake Beavan, RHP

1st: Michael Main, RHP

1st: Neil Ramirez, RHP (Free)

4th: Garrett Nash, OF

5th: John Gast, LHP

6th: Bobby Wilkins, RHP

9th: Davis Stoneburner, SS

10th: Andrew Laughter, RHP

11th: Anthony Ranaudo, RHP

12th: Drew Pomeranz, LHP

13th: Kyle Ocampo, RHP

19th: Kyle Murphy, OF

21st: Erik Davis, RHP

24th: Chris Gradoville, C

26th: Kevin Keyes, OF

41st: Tom Edwards, 1B (Free)

45th: Ryan Turner, LHP

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