Lemon making transition to second

SURPRISE, AZ - Poised to make the jump to Double-A this season, Marcus Lemon could do so while playing second base instead of shortstop. Lone Star Dugout chatted with the 20-year-old prospect about his progress at the plate and his recent position change.

Marcus Lemon had an excellent season with High-A Bakersfield in 2008, batting .295 with 30 doubles and eight home runs. After the regular season, Lemon attended the Rangers' Fall Instructional League, and he made the move from shortstop to second base. While Lemon will likely continue to play shortstop occasionally, he figures to get most of his action at second during the upcoming season.

Lone Star Dugout caught up with the 20-year-old infielder after Wednesday's Double-A Spring Training game.

Jason Cole: You've got your first couple games out of the way. How does it feel?

Marcus Lemon: Not too bad. I'm getting back into the flow of things after a long offseason and relaxing at home then starting to work out.

Cole: I noticed you played second base today and you were playing second during Fall Instructional League. Is that going to be a full-time thing now?

Lemon: I'm not sure as of right now. They asked me to work at second and also to work at short. Whatever my coaches and instructors tell me to do, I'm going to do it.

Cole: How do you like second base so far?

Lemon: I have no problem with it at all. It's a learning process – it's a little opposite from shortstop – but I don't mind it at all.

Cole: Had you ever played second base before instructs last year?

Lemon: No, sir. I'd never played second base before. I've always played short. But it wasn't too hard of a transition. Just a couple of things – the biggest thing they wanted to focus on with me was the double play and turning it. You're a little blindsided and from shortstop, you can see everything.

Cole: How do you feel out there right now?

Lemon: Right now I'm getting back into it. I don't feel too bad, we've got a little time left. Hopefully I can keep making adjustments and improvement.

Cole: How are you feeling at the plate right now?

Lemon: At the plate, I feel good. I've been working on things in practice and in the cage and stuff like that. I'm starting to put them into the game. I'm working on things and it's getting there.

Cole: What have you been working on?

Lemon: Right now, just working on getting started in time and honestly it's just see ball, hit ball right now. I'm trying to slow the game down.

Cole: Do you have any idea where you'll be starting the season at?

Lemon: No, sir, I'm not sure. I haven't been informed at all.

Cole: Have you set any personal goals for yourself this season?

Lemon: Probably the same goals I set every year. First off, I want to help my team win. Other than that, I just want to work as hard as I possibly can because there's always room for improvement.

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