Q&A with Rangers 31st Round Pick Shon Landry

Former McNeese State infielder Shon Landry, a native Texan, was drafted by the Rangers in the 31st round last month. Landry signed with the Rangers shortly afterward, and he has been playing with the Spokane Indians ever since. Lone Star Dugout chatted with the 23-year-old.

The Texas Rangers took former 23-year-old infielder Shon Landry in the 31st round of the 2009 MLB Draft.

An Orange, Tx., native, Landry recently finished off an outstanding career at McNeese State University. He finished by ranking third in school history in base hits (227) and runs scored (158). Landry also finished second with 12 triples.

The 5-foot-9, 175-pound shortstop batted .349 as a senior in '09, hitting five doubles and five home runs. He drove in 33 runs, walked 20 times, and struck out 23 times.

Landry signed with the Rangers shortly after the draft, and he has been serving as a utility infielder with the short-season Spokane Indians.

Jason Cole: First off, just tell me what your thoughts were on getting drafted by the Rangers.

Shon Landry: The feeling is amazing. It's a dream come true. It's something I've worked for my whole life. I've just played the game hard, and it's a dream come true to be able to play with the Texas Rangers organization.

Cole: Growing up around Orange, were you an Astros fan?

Landry: Yes, sir I was.

Cole: Have you ever followed the Rangers much?

Landry: Yes I have actually. Both teams are Texas teams, and I grew up as a big Astros fan. Craig Biggio—that's my idol. He was my favorite player. But I've always kind of followed the Rangers a little bit. Especially the last few years when Mr. Taylor showed interest. I've actually followed them a good bit—especially this year.

Cole: How many teams did you have talking to you during your season at McNeese? Were the Rangers one of the teams that you thought was most likely to select you?

Landry: At the beginning of the year, I sat down with about ten to twelve teams. Mr. Taylor has actually showed interest the past two years. This year, I was fortunate enough to actually sit down and talk with him. Right before the draft, I was kind of nervous because I broke my collarbone. I cracked it with three weeks to go in the season, and I hadn't really heard much. I got kind of nervous. But whenever I got the call from Mr. Taylor, I was excited.

Cole: How'd you break your collarbone?

Landry: I went for a foul ball behind third base and dove into the wall.

Cole: How does it feel at this point? Is it still limiting you at all?

Landry: Oh, no. I'm back to 100 percent.

Cole: Tell me about your game offensively. Can you talk about your approach at the plate?

Landry: I'm real big on watching the pitcher in the ‘pen and seeing what they have. I'm real big on reading scouting reports. I'm a first pitch guy. That first-pitch fastball—I really love to get after it.

Cole: You were drafted as a shortstop. Have you been a shortstop throughout your collegiate career?

Landry: Yes, sir.

Cole: Have you ever played any other positions in the infield or has it just been that?

Landry: I've played second, I've played short, I've played third. I've caught. I've played pretty much every position on the field.

Cole: I know you guys as a team at McNeese this year hit extremely well. How did you feel about your senior season there?

Landry: I felt pretty excited about it. I finished with the team lead in average. I was pretty close to breaking a few records. Unfortunately I broke my collarbone. Overall, our team swung it extremely well. We really didn't have that hole in the lineup that a lot of teams have.

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