Q&A with Rangers 50th Round Pick Trevor Teykl

As a 50th round pick with a University of Texas commitment, right-hander Trevor Teykl is unlikely to sign with the Rangers this year. Still, with a good fastball and a projectable 6-foot-7 frame, the hurler is worth keeping an eye on. Lone Star Dugout sat down with the Sugar Land native.

As a 50th round selection with a high-level collegiate commitment, right-hander Trevor Teykl isn't likely to sign with the Texas Rangers, but regardless of what happens, he will be staying in the state.

The Sugar Land native––and product of Fort Bend Kempner High School––has signed a letter of intent to play his college baseball at the University of Texas.

Teykl is certainly an arm worth keeping an eye on. He has a projectable 6-foot-7, 215-pound frame, and he features a fastball that sits in the upper-80s and reaches the low-90s at times. Teykl also works with a breaking ball and a changeup, which he says improved during his senior season of high school.

The Rangers organization––and more specifically area scout Randy Taylor––has been familiar with Teykl for a couple years, as he played on the club's team at the Area Code Games in Long Beach last year.

Working as the Cougars' staff ace this season, the 18-year-old Teykl came off an early-season injury to help lead his club to a district championship and its third consecutive UIL playoff appearance.

Though Kempner lost to Pearland in the second round of the UIL playoffs, Teykl was outstanding in both of his postseason starts, getting two wins, allowing just one total run, and blasting three home runs at the plate.

Teykl's MLB.com scouting video can be found at this link.

Lone Star Dugout caught up with the tall righty after he was selected by the Rangers.

Jason Cole: What are your thoughts on getting drafted by the Rangers earlier this week?

Trevor Teykl: It really is an honor. I wasn't really expecting it––towards the end, and it was getting pretty late. I was surprised when I saw my name come up on the screen. But it was a pretty cool feeling.

Cole: Obviously your commitment to the University of Texas and the signability issues that come along with that affected your draft status. Did you think you would get taken at all even early on, or did you think that signability would drop you out?

Teykl: I was kind of expecting the signability issues to come up. After the first and second day, I wasn't really expecting my name to be called at all.

Cole: Is Randy Taylor your Rangers area scout out there?

Teykl: Yes, sir.

Cole: How much contact have you had with him throughout your high school career?

Teykl: I've known him since probably my sophomore year. He has worked with my select team. I've known him for awhile. I played for him at the Area Code Games last year, so we talked a lot.

Cole: As mentioned, you have that commitment to the University of Texas. What led you to pick the Longhorns?

Teykl: The atmosphere. I went to a few schools and loved them. But UT––there's something about it and it can't compare to any other school. It's awesome.

Cole: You've also played some first base there in high school, and I know you hit in the middle of the order. How much first base did you play at Kempner?

Teykl: I played every game that I didn't pitch. I did alright. I don't really know what I'm going to do at UT, but I plan on just pitching right now.

Cole: Do you know anybody that is already in the Rangers system? I know they have a number of guys from the Houston area.

Teykl: I know Shawn Blackwell.

Cole: Have you played with or against him in the past?

Teykl: I played against him last year. I played him in the playoffs, in the first round.

Cole: On the MLB.com scouting video of you, you're pitching in the Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Game. What was it like to get the experience of playing at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington?

Teykl: The night before the game, we had a dinner at the banquet room out in left field. That was pretty cool. And the field is awesome. Hanging out in the bullpen was a lot of fun. It was just cool to pitch in that environment.

Cole: As you mentioned, you played with the Rangers' Area Code team out in Long Beach. How was that experience, and what were you able to take away from it?

Teykl: It was incredible, just going to all the games and seeing all the scouts there. Just the great competition you're playing––every single batter you're going to face is a great hitter. You have to bring your best stuff.

Cole: Can you give a little bit of a scouting report of yourself on the mound? What kind of pitcher are you, and what do you have in your repertoire?

Teykl: My goal is to attack every hitter with first-pitch strikes. I just want to come out with my fastball and put them away with breaking balls.

Cole: Most top high school pitchers don't use much of a changeup because they don't really need it. Do you mix in changeups as well?

Teykl: Before this year, no. I played with it a lot over the summer and the fall, and I got very comfortable with it. I did use it a lot in the spring.

Cole: Whether you sign college or pro, is that something you really want to hammer down with your next coaching staff?

Teykl: Definitely. Changeups can be dirty if you're good with it.

Cole: Tell me about what else you'd like to improve upon at the next level.

Teykl: The main thing is consistency with mechanics. I'm a big, tall guy with a lot of room for error. I've got to stay sound with my mechanics and just repeat the motion.

Cole: How did you feel you performed in your senior season at Kempner?

Teykl: I got hurt at the very beginning, and I missed the first half of district play. After that, I came back pretty strong and got better with each outing, I felt like. I didn't lose after that. I felt like I helped the team by doing what I'm supposed to do.

Cole: What was the injury that had you out?

Teykl: It was a strained triceps. I was only out for two weeks.

Cole: But everything is pretty much 100 percent now?

Teykl: Oh yes, no pain at all.

Cole: What has been your most memorable moment as a baseball player thus far in your young career?

Teykl: Obviously getting drafted is up there. But besides that, in the second round of the playoffs this year, I threw a complete-game shutout and hit two home runs in the same game. That was pretty cool.

Cole: Obviously as a 50th round pick with a Texas scholarship, your chances of signing with the Rangers are probably pretty slim. But do you expect to at least talk with the Rangers and see where you guys stand?

Teykl: Yes, sir. I've talked to Randy Taylor, and he is planning on coming over in a few weeks. I'm going to sit down and talk with him and just see what happens from there.

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