Jose Molina a Ray?

During Hot Stove season there is a never-ending supply of rumors about trades and free agent signings. It is usually the big time journalists that get the word before everyone else. But every once in awhile a tip will come to a smaller blogging outfit that turns out to be true. That may be the case in regards to the recent rumor that Jose Molina has signed with the Rays.

I was watching my Twitter feed this afternoon when Jason Collette, an editor for DRays Bay tweeted a link to a source that was claiming that free agent catcher Jose Molina had been inked by the Rays to a one year deal with an option - pending a physical.

Obviously this piqued my interest as Collette and the crew at DRays Bay broke the Kyle Farnsworth signing last year and the Andrew Freidman/Arte Moreno dinner meeting earlier this off-season.

I did some checking and actually talked to the source myself who says that Molina was holding out for a 3 year deal but in the end opted for the deal the Rays were offering. The source seems reliable, but I have been unable to corroborate any of this further.

Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Rays are in fact in negotiations with Molina, but that according to his agent nothing has been finalized yet.

Take what you will from this. File it under: this guy on the street told me that he saw somebody else telling his friend....well you get the idea.

Obviously I will be staying on top of this to see what shakes out. But a defensive ace behind the plate makes perfect sense for the Rays especially after Andrew Friedman stated that defense behind the plate was a priority this off-season.

The team turned down Kelly Shoppach's 3 million dollar option, so my guess would be that a Molina deal would be for less than that.

More updates to come as details become available.

6:48 PM Fox's Jon Paul Morisi is reporting that the Molina deal will be done in a few days. Score one for the little guys though, DRays Bay and the above linked source had it 2 hours ago. Way to go guys!

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